Pb players and Pricing

  • Hi All,

    I haven't got a paid account on any stat sites, so took a list of the players who have won PB(according to the free footy index scout website) and ran their prices now against just before the start of the season.

    A few disclaimers - I took just before the 1st Aug (where the deviation in price was most noticeable, which seemed to be end of July) and took the lowest price on that day.

    Main thing collating this has done is frustrate me, as I knew Kimmich and Sensi would be good for PB, but thought they had peaked, so didn't buy them and also I had Pogba who is one of the only ones who decreased in price.[0_1569182693003_Pb risers.ods](Uploading 100%) ![alt text](link text)

  • Thanks for doing this, great work. Imagine if you had bought even half that list as a portfolio before the season started, you would be quids in.

    It would be interesting to see a list of the remaining top 200 players that are yet to win any PB and see what a comparison of their prices would look like . I suspect that it would contain quite a few of my portfolio as well.!!

  • No worries!

    Don't think I'll do he rest of the 200 as I think itb will be obviously mainly down - if they are premium prices and not returning PB, they'll probably be losing value(rightly so).

    Plan is to do the same with the top 5 scorers/assisters from the PB leagues next but that might be a few weeks off yet

  • Thanks for the spreadsheet, would you be able to add a filter option to the Change and % change, if you do another one to make it a bit easier to sort the changes? That be much appreciated

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