Maksimovic (getafe) injury?

  • Any reason for his drop? Injury or something?

  • Played the full 90 minutes from what I can see -
    Only posted a PB score of 28 though so could be an overreaction to that.

    Looks like a great opportunity to make a quick 25% if you can get confirmation he isn’t injured.

  • I'm really debating jumping on him, can't find evidence of an injury. Time to deposit 🤑

  • Thanks, yeah doesnt look like an injury. Tbh, it looks like a bit of a pump n dump graph wise. His goal contribution isn’t brilliant either. Has been steady around the 28p mark for a while

  • I see what you mean, gradually on the up though and champions league football. Napolis not a half bad team. I'm not sure whether to stick a couple hundred shares on the guy

  • @Nachais sorry, didnt realise there were 2 Maksimovics, I’m on about the Getafe one, down 12p today

  • Just had a quick look at Serbias Euro squad, I can only see Nikola Maksimovic, cant see any injury news on Getafe Maksimovic, but hes valued at £15m on transfermarket, reasonably young, and bottom end of his price.. both seem reasonable value??

  • @Sutt98 lool whoops, I'm in for 100 shares on the one you're on about anyway, pretty confident he will rise so I can make some quick profit

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