Why no announcement?

  • I’m very disillusioned with FI at moment like so many seeing my profits fade away day after day (In fact I’m now at a loss) even my players that score lose money.
    If people are withdrawing funds ready for a bonus why arnt FI announcing details or if they isn’t a promotion let us know!!
    At the moment we have people taking money out ready to reinvest which has turned into a very bad looking stock market which then turns into people panicking & pulling out more funds & now FI looks a very bad place to even stick a £1 on a player.
    FI must know about the unsettlement but are been quiet. It’s very strange

  • Another "stocks go down as well as up" moaning thread started again....

    Why do you think FI owe us an announcement? They haven't given any indication of a bonus or any other birthday offer so they can tell us, if applicable, when it suits them.

    Yes the Footy dropped a lot yesterday and being a Monday it will probably drop again. Time to top up on value players if you believe in the longevity of the product.

  • FI don't owe us an announcement at all. If traders are speculating that's on them - I, for one, am glad to see no announcement as maybe, just maybe, it will stop such speculations and expectations of bonuses in the future. It could be that this current drop is what is needed to take us forward in the future without people withdrawing in expectation of something.
    When FI do something as an announcement it shouldn't be predictable and cause crashes in advance.

  • I agree that a short announcement would help, even if its a quick tweet along the lines of "we're aware there has been some speculation regarding us potentially offering some sort of birthday bonus. We just want to clarify that this will not be happening but we thank everyone for growing the platform over the last 4 years."
    I believe a lot of people have withdrawn over the last few weeks in preparation, but now its created a snow ball effect and there is a lot of concern about the current dip. I personally do feel that this is just a cycle like we've seen many times but the growing discontent on the forum must be a concern for them as I'm sure a lot of newer users will be getting put off.

  • There will be an announcement of sorts this week - didn't FI say that they were aiming to open media up to the squad on 1 October? That's next week, so if it's happening or not then they need to tell us one way or the other.

  • @Yellow well that would take MORE money away from the top players! Not a good time to be making THAT announcement!!

  • Why should FI announce anything...? This announcement bollix is all twitter/forum/trader rumours. Am I happy with how the last 10 days has gone, NO. Close to 2% down in a week, without having really made a 'mistake', just money seeping out of every player I hold regardless of performance. Everytime I log in now, money down. It is really pissing me off. But 7 months in I'm 42% ROI, its not a ticket to print money, there will be ups and downs. It's a gambling platform, right now you are losing, either cut your losses or hold firm and wait for the inevitable bounce back. It's an incredible platform and will repay your faith in it.

  • @BarbayanBrawler from a business point of view the uncertainty created by traders isn’t good for their business that’s why some announcement is definitely going to settle people.
    It’s a no-brainer, one small tweet settles everything

  • @NewUser247217 Ye i get where you are coming from for sure. I just think some of the expectations are crazy from traders and the negativity that flows then. A lot like most streams of life now, this knee-jerk reaction, things are either the best thing in the world or the worst. 1 week with people losing money, does that warrant an official announcement, do we cry for an announcement every time the footie is down? Imo that is what has almost led to this, small amounts of money have leaked out and whispers of a deposit bonus started and suddenly mass reaction to either get out of the platform or save a cash balance started. We cannot rely on a bonus every 1/4 to boost our ports. So yes, to resolve this issue short-term you are prob right, announce something but long term, let some of the moany traders suffer and get rid of them if needs be.

  • @SteveP said in Why no announcement?:

    @Yellow well that would take MORE money away from the top players! Not a good time to be making THAT announcement!!

    Well they're surely committed to it having said about opening up at the start of October. Whether it works out as a good thing or not depends on how they implement it.

  • The trouble with making an announcement denying a bonus is that will then become expected. There has been absolutely no indication of anything from FI but a few people start speculating and then it catches to the point where the forum has almost confirmed it themselves. In the future there will be more flat/down periods, if FI announce no bonus now then they have to keep doing it or else people will be saying "last time they made an announcement saying there wouldn't be a bonus but they haven't this time, so there will very likely be one" and the whole thing will go round in circles. FI don't owe us an announcement every time some people sell some players, if people choose to take speculation on a forum as fact them that's their lookout. Everyone on here is an adult so should be capable of making their own decisions and then taking responsibility for them.

    The current slump is no good for anyone but if you believe in the product long term, as I'm sure most on here do, then you either suck it up or change strategy. I'm about £500 down in the last 24 hours so I'm not exactly doing cartwheels but I've got faith that it'll rebound and I have solid players in my portfolio, in the meantime I'll look for other shorter term opportunities or take the chance to buy players who have dropped substantially such as Rashford etc.

  • @NewUser247217 get a better portfolio, mines up £1700 in little over 2 weeks

  • @Yellow said in Why no announcement?:

    didn't FI say that they were aiming to open media up to the squad on 1 October?

    They also said it would happen at the start of the season - obviously proving harder to achieve than they first thought but clarification would be good.

  • @Zidave @janner73 @BarbayanBrawler couldn't agree more with all of you. FI owe us nothing. If traders dont like it, or if you're so panicked by the tiniest drop, then sell up, get out and dont come back. Clearly your mentality doesnt allow for minor downturns and youre better off not taking part at all. And if you decide to stay, please dont keep making moany posts every time theres a drop. Its boring

  • @Old-Man are you commenting on FI or Brexit here???
    It’s like you’ve just copied & paste a quote from some MP. 🤔

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