Has anyone ever...

  • Manually added up the profits and losses on players currently held in their portfolio and checked it against their so called all time p/l?

    I've just done it there and I've double and triple checked it. I'm.at -£169.82 but the figure stated is currently -£180.10. Is there a reason for this or some justification for it?

    I suppose the next step is to add up my hold values against my stated total port value

  • @MickTurbo

    Anything to do with FI rounding up/down costs at the last Share split? E.g. a player at a pound would’ve gone to £0.33 rather than £0.33333p?

  • @Mr-Fuzzman I dont think so mate because my p/l on any player I hold now is based only on their current price. I've just gone through all my current holds and it corresponds exactly to my stated port value though so that's good. I just want to understand it that's all

  • 11 quids worth of divs?

  • @Moukoko I actually gou £12 quid over night but immediately re-invested prior to doing this calculation

  • I do remember a previous topic, where you mentioned you don't use a spreadsheet. I don't know if it changed.

    I am using the footyscout spreadsheet and the all time p/l is actually to the cent exactly the same as the one on my spreadsheet.

    Edit: Oh I might need to mentioned, that I slightly altered the spreadsheet to include IPD payouts in the all time p/l

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