Zlatan looking likely!

  • Love this! Looks odds on to return to Utd! Just bought 300. Get in! 🚀🚂🥳

  • haha yeahhhh sureeee. Any sources?

  • @Sol

    Alternatively announce his retirement; just go look at Arjen Robbens price graph & the IS of ZERO as to your likely return if it doesn't happen.

    Just a crazy risk to take given almost any other player on the index is currently a less risky buy but good luck you clearly like a gamble.

  • He’ll be nearly 38 years old! I think it’s more likely they’ll go back in for Dybala.

  • @Sol Odds on to return is a little exaggerated lol. Definitely MB potential for Zlatan once opened up to squad but odds on to return at this point is just not true.

  • How many ‘odds-on’ transfers did we see fall through in the summer. Loads. No one can predict what’s going to happen with this in 4 months time.

  • There are articles saying it will happen. Believe them, don’t believe them. Your choice. Just don’t regret not getting 300 in him before he’s double the share price.

  • @TeamGB Ah no but Zlatan joked about coming back to Utd the other day and now Utd fans want it so it MUST be happening right?

  • Just some friendly advice for anyone who may jump on Zlatan - take a look at his price graph in November/December when he was almost certain to move to AC Milan. I'm not advising anyone not to get involved just be aware it's a gamble, be aware it can go badly wrong - there were some traders who got badly stung last time because they convinced themselves the move was happening.

  • @Sol if its going to happen why only 300 at that price.

  • @Sol personally can't see it happening but you never know in football. I could actually see us going in for Cavani tbh instead or at least there will be links as he will be sharing with Icardi and limited game time. Either way we need a striker

  • @Daly3174 Get 10,000 then. I’m just saying 300 at his current price is a worth while punt.

  • Age does not matter. I’d have Ronaldo back at 38 any day. A great player is still a great player. Zlatan is a proven threat at any age. Perfect player for UTD right now.

  • Janner is right about bein aware of the risk - the difference this time, and why i bought in... is that MB (if all goes to plan) should be open to all before Ibras contract ends in November. That means he would have real value, even if a transfer doesn't go ahead (which im by no means saying is a certainty or even a positive likelihood - think the figure i gave in another thread was 30%) ...all he needs is a build up of stories like we've started seeing … ibra tells ole hes available... ole tells ibra to pick up the phone... utd fans want ibra back

    plus hes breaking records in mls so bound to be other mb around him.

    good luck - go into it eyes open. im thinking ill sell some of my 2500 at 55p, before that happens i expect some bounces as like now he gets a high rise, he will go back down a few pence..then he will rise again as the stories amp up. I'll hold majority of mine until 60P +

  • @Vespasian32 point well made made. Can you post that article you had on here also.

  • @Vespasian32 He's value now for sure because the stories will gather hype. It's when, like any other transfer, people buy in too high or hang on too long that they get burned. If last Nov/Dec is anything to go by he could well hit 70-80p just off potential rumours with MB being open to all.

  • I was on rooney at 30p and watched him hit 60p without any hint of a transfer, purely because MB was opening up he doubled in price. This was before the derby move.

    Ibra has very definitely got transfer spec, and the club involved is utd. Rooney had no chance of that, I only bought into him cos he might get some media when he bangs a free kick in from the half way line and then again when he says hes retiring. Also because he would get cap app for the same reasons.

    Zlatan has more going for him than rooney did at the minute

  • In real life there is an obvious difference between transfer speculation and a player signing for a club.

    But in the world of FI, there is no difference. Even transfer speculation linking Ibra to Utd will cause a price increase and possible MB once it opens up to the whole market on 1st Oct. He doesn't actually need to sign for Utd for this to be a profitable trade.

  • @Sol said in Zlatan looking likely!:

    Age does not matter. I’d have Ronaldo back at 38 any day. A great player is still a great player. Zlatan is a proven threat at any age.

    It does for FI - just assume he gets another bad injury like when he did his knee, possibly 9 months+ out of the game then rather than attempt to get back playing he simply retires - he's worthless & you've lost 45p/share. As for winning MB - it's currently UNAVAILABLE outside the top 200 & whilst FI hope to open it in October they also said that at the start of the season & it's still not happened. Deal with the facts as they are not how you would like them to be or what has been promised (& not yet delivered). He's a MASSIVELY risky gamble that has a small potential upside & huge downside with 95% of players currently looking like a better buy than him.

    Many of those pumping him now will have already bought (at lower prices) & some may even be happily market selling him to the gullible as we speak, so I will have no sympathy for those left holding him when at some point in the future he becomes unsellable & worthless.

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