Keep it realistic! 😀

  • Hello Everybody. Hope everyone had a good weekend on and off FI!

    Just want to say to give a reminder when people join the platform, that getting profit is not inevitable. As it says, it is a bet/ gamble, however the bets on Football Index don't usually disappear after one action or game.
    That is the beauty of Football Index. With the countless different strategies for gains, as one spends and learns from FI.

    I am on a dip at the moment, but I have been through a few. However in over a years worth of experience here, with better and more varied strategies I am up 73%....yes after this dip.
    I have a feeling it is due to people anticipating something for FIs 4th Birthday, but the marketing is much more obvious now day to day. So don't panic if you are in the red, review your strategy and just as importantly be patient. We are still part of a super new product and every season gets stronger and stronger. It is a long road.

  • I think a lot of people forget this is gambling, all be it a different type. Like you said profit is not guaranteed. I have faith in the product, I'm in a massive dip at the minute and although painful to watch it has not crossed my mind once to cash out or sell up as I am confident that 6 months down the line I will be in a nice amount of profit. If not, then yes maybe it will be time to revaluate. But for now I'm riding it out and am not worried in the slightest.

  • I'm going with the 'if in doubt, do nothing' approach. As a Pogba holder my port is hurting, but I just remind myself that he's currently injured, and the Euro's are coming, plenty of time to turn it around.

  • @Jimi182 agree, find the Pogba sell off very short-sighted. Bought a few more this morning.

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