• Someone please explain to me this. Looking to find a certain left back at Arsenal by the initial KT that potentially will go up in price. I see he hasn’t IPOd yet, but I can still purchase Cech at 14p a future, with a sell value of 0p. What’s going on with the FI, someone please explain? Cheers.

  • Have a look in the top 200!

  • Kieran Tierney? Number 141 on the top
    200 list.....

    Also on Cech - retired now so don’t buy unless you are a complete dumbass otherwise you have just thrown all your money away - sloppy from
    FI to keep him available to purchase but I suppose players do occasionally come back out of retirement so they may intentionally keep them around for a couple of years post retirement.

  • Cech will still be about as he may be in some longer term traders portfolio but the ability to buy him should be removed (just look at the forum threads about Robben and Torres over the recent months)

    However "KT" is released, has been out for ages, you're just looking in the wrong player list:


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