Harry Winks

  • His price has dropped over 20p since the internationals. Starts all the games for Spurs, their in the champions league too. At £1.14 do people think he could be a good value player to purchase?

    Thoughts please

  • I've watched him play around 30 times and still don't know what he does.....

  • @dannypea agree I sold after wondering what he does

  • 'recycles possession'
    'keeps everything ticking'

    He reminds me of myself when playing 5 a side - surrounded by players with far superior ability than myself I just float around in the middle of the pitch and pick up loose balls and pass them to the 'good' players, occasionally drive forward with the ball and achieve very little.

    My team mates like me for my work ethic and doing the boring stuff but you could literally replace me with any bloke off the street with half decent fitness levels.

    Obviously Winks plays at a slightly higher level then the Beaconside Thursday night 5-a-side league but in relative term Harry Winks is me...

  • Ok cheers for all your thoughts guys. Maybe I’ll stay clear of him lol. Good luck with your holds

  • @NewUser348798 he strikes me as the type of player that wouldn't suit the index, probably needs to add more goals or assists to have much chance for PB

  • @ChazFI123 yeah makes sense. Cheers for your opinion

  • @Chris-J If you were on football index Chris what would you pay for yourself and how many futures would you hold?????????

  • @dannypea I’d probably end up unsuccessfully pumping myself in the ‘sub 20p players’ thread.

    FI would eventually give me a 0p instant sell price after IPOing me for £2.50

  • @Chris-J hahahaha after that self description you'll definitely be IPO'ing at £2 plus!!!

    A couple of defeats in the Beaconside Thursday night league though and your price will soon drop!!! It's always the middle man that falls first!!!

    Who's the sticky footed Neymar in your team??????????? I'll have 500 futures on him instead!!!!! ;-)

  • I hold him, and as a Spurs fan I'm a big fan of him. He has moments of magic, and could still develop into a top player. For young English players, his price is pretty decent.

  • @kristiang85 needs a bit more goal scoring along with assists added to his game to be teally.move in proce, but has plenty of time to do that, a very very sound player

  • @kristiang85 yes I like him as a player too and I thought he seems good value for a starting young English player in a top 4 team. But like the other lads said maybe he needs to add a few assists n goals to make him a more attractive index player. But £1.11 does seem a good value price

  • Winks is the sort of player that does everything very well but does not get the recognition that he perhaps deserves. Playing in his current role means he is as the top end of his price.

    Got a lot going for him in FI terms, EPL, CL England international but.......

    Defensive midfielders are never in demand on FI, Kante, probably one of the best in the world is 84p, Fabinho at L'pool is 64p.

    Great player but not one for a great return unless he plays a different style of play which I believe he is capable, but in answer to the question I would not be buying at the current price.

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