• I have decided to try a different strategy with my portfolio moving forwards. Buying players who I believe are unde valued with the potential to increase nicely. Lower yield and less risk I guess.

    Looking at chambers for example, priced at only 42p, I know probably for a good reason to. But with his recent performances when given the chance, and his potential to become a first team starter why with the current back four not performing at all well. Surely his price will increase enough to make it a wise investment?

    Any thoughts on this would be greatly recieved.

  • @NewUser122021 what has been your previous strategy?

  • Great strategy, I do something similar where I only buy young, attacking midfielders and forward players in the 30p to 80p range who I see as undervalued. Them being undervalued is crucial.. Just wait for their potential to be realized and your making money...Simples

  • @Stevo higher priced players such as pogba who have great increases but also I guess are higher risk if things go sideways. Made good money on a few but some lost big money too.

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