How to beat the drop

  • You are the problem.... yes you!

    Looking for the value to be gained, over researching players.

    If you backed the same players, we all jumped on MB kings for example all of our monies would be protected. The dividends would be small in comparison but the money would be protected.

    IPOs are causing this drop, there’s simply too much choice and that’s allowing investments to be smoothed out. The only way to protect your money is not to over research or over react - keep your money in one player and grind out the returns.

    Pog and Neymar are cheap compared to historic prices, I’d start there (probably say the best value is in the latter) and the more people who want a safe investment they will just grow #crowdfunding

  • No offence, but keeping your money in one player is a terrible idea. If they get a career-ending injury, or god forbid a Sala-style tragedy, you will lose everything. It is basically pure gambling.

    I agree though that you should stick to your instincts on the players you have - but please spread the risk!

  • Dont understand why everyone goes for the top guns... you pay so much commision and the spread is ridiculous better buy up to 2.5£ players especially outside the mainstream markets keep googling them to see of they get any news when they get slight dip buy.. so for instance if I had money now to buy new ones I buy lukaku.

  • @Kill_Kenny yes that's exactly what we are seeing. Trends are changing. Value is definitely better lower end. And people are making money from it!

  • A common opinion right now below;

    ‘If I instant sell Pogba (or any other falling top player) now im going to be 80p down after commission - I can’t see another player that is going to rise by 80p so might as well just hold’

    Incorrect - if you instant sell Pogba and move all of your money into a sub £1 player you will only need a 10-12p rise to be back to even - this is what many are doing/have done.

    You could even make that money back over 1 or 2 safe IPD player transactions. Remember a large number of holders of expensive players are waiting for the next value spike as an exit opportunity.

    Of course there is nothing wrong with holding your nerve with them (I’m doing a bit of both) but you may not be as trapped into the top
    end of the market as you might think.

  • @Chris-J I have no intention of selling Pogba - but if I did I would have £6k if I put that into a £1 or less player id be moving the price at least 6% … would just trigger so many peoples exit price on that player.

    Plus theres no guarantee of picking a sub £1 player that will rise. my previous two are richter and kownacki (again) … richter has gone down a few p this week kownacki up a few.

    I also wouldn't want 6000 shares... losing £60 with every penny... and if it became hard to sell and have to IS that would be hundreds gone.

    When people buy a pog or Neymar it should be because if you hold for 3 years you will make £5+ divs and the share price might go up or down a £1 or £2 but you will always come out in profit.

    you only pay commission once if you hold and you don't worry about the drops and rises or spreads. If I move into a load of sub £1 im going to keep paying commission as they will hit a ceiling time and time again as they have very little real value.

  • Have you heard how you’re talking? Spreads don’t matter if everyone is on the same player and collects dividends because no one is selling, saturation is affecting portfolios!

    There’s a lot of junk players in FI but people are willing to buy them for a chance of something more - don’t whinge if you’re not prepared to play the game. FI isn’t about how much you know about a player, it’s about how much everyone else sees in that player, therefore as more people research it’s just like spreading the same amount of butter on a much larger piece of toast

  • @Bradley117 and as the market doesn’t move then you sell and buy again 🙈

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