Deposit Bonus Idea to keep the money on the platform

  • Lot of people seems to be waiting on a bonus, lot of people don’t want it. As usual it’s impossible to keep everyone happy.

    I’m not here too long but i experienced the bonus there was in the summer and to be fair it was just free money so not surprised people put in loads to take out even more.

    I think FI should look at Deposit bonus but lock down the % of the bonus based on how long you’re keeping your money on the platform.
    Just like a usual savings/isa account if you withdraw before certain time you loose your interest.

    To simplify it, the longer you keep the money in the index, the more bonus you get


    Deposit £1000/ withdrawal within a month - no bonus

    Deposit £1000 /withdrawal after 3months - 1% bonus

    Deposit £1000/withdrawal after 6months - 5 %

    Deposit £1000/withdrawal after 12months - 10%

    Deposit £1000/withdrawal after 18months - 15%

    That way the bonus don’t need to have a starting or ending date and it could be eligible once a year to each player starting at the time of the first deposit since the announcement of such promotion.
    PS the length and % is just to give an idea

    That’s just my idea, I’m currently on holidays and I can’t do nothing with my port so trying to stay involved in other ways lol 😂

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