Fabian Ruiz

  • Doesn’t seem to get much love on here but I’ve made him my most recent purchase. I expected him to be quite a bit higher than £2.20.

    Spanish International
    Champions League
    Attacking Midfielder
    Playing 90 minutes every week at Napoli
    Starting to get serious links to elite clubs
    Decent PB average of 118 (despite making quite a few sub appearances last season)

    I took the opportunity to market sell Neymar to jump on him (only had a small holding of 75 so putting that money to better use despite the amazing dividend yield).

  • @Chris-J Good PB player, and I do hold myself but not 100% convinced there is a lot more growth left in him to be honest. Not in the current dividend structure and the current market that is.

    Luis Alberto is a better buy at the present moment. Ruuz better for the summer though. No doubt about that

    50p more than Kroos?

  • @Metropolis Agree on Alberto, Kroos though? 30 soon and only 4pb wins, one of the most overpriced PB players IMO.

  • @NallyCat historically very good PB performer hence his price. Once Real sort themselves out he'll be back in contention for PB. Been saying that for a while though...

  • @Metropolis Fair point - Young players have a premium that strangely takes their value way above similar established players. I’ve followed logic a little too strictly at times so this one is definitely more of a ‘trend’ purchase

    I think Ruiz ticks pretty much every box (other than being English) that should keep him rising - transfer speculation and being a ‘breakthrough’ player at the Euros gives him decent long term prospects and should be amongst the dividends in the short term.

  • @Chris-J without a doubt he's one of the few youngsters who can justify his price by his PB performances and not hype alone.

    At the end of the day it's a 3 year hold. 3 seasons at Napoli, Euros and a WC with Spain. I don't think a few dividend increases are too much to ask either. He'll rise!

  • @NallyCat said in Fabian Ruiz:

    @Metropolis Agree on Alberto, Kroos though? 30 soon and only 4pb wins, one of the most overpriced PB players IMO.

    There’re a few high baseliners that are overpriced. Since the matrix changes more than ever its high scores rather than averages that are important.

  • @Chris-J Great short to medium term fixtures too. Love him and auoar. Both should be able to get towards Ihattarens price imo. Both have good pb statistics for u23 midss and potential future media speculation to look forward to.

  • @dionysusthyrsus Aouar is another I was looking at - Pep rates him highly and he has dropped off slightly recently so should have a decent bounce back at some point.

  • @Chris-J

    He's more of a deep lying playmaker than an attacking midfielder actually, he doesn't play that far advanced for Napoli. Which is one of the things I think is holding his price back from going up to the next level, because he doesn't get enough goals or assists to take his great PB baseline and PB average into PB winning territory on a regular basis.

    No doubt, he is a great talent, still young, a European international, top club, in CL etc. But, I find his price ceiling hard to predict, I'm not sure if there would be big % gains to be made at his current price.

  • @FI-Manager Allan is currently injured and thats causing Ruiz to have to fill in other areas atm due to his industry and ability to recover the ball. The allan injury has upset the regular dynamic of the team. Ruiz was playing more advanced before then. The u21 tournament showed hes much more effective in an advanced position.

  • 38p of growth in the 3 weeks since I created this thread.

    He has been amongst the biggest risers after every development over the past few weeks which suggests the market see him as one of the safest holds in his price bracket.

  • I've owned myself for a good while, think the rise has been a combo of PB players getting a lot of love this last week, playing two full 90 mins the last games for Spain and welcome Barca/Real rumours. He is an absolute baller but Napoli really haven't hit the ground running yet this season bar the CL win over LIverpool so his price took time to catch up to similar players like Sensi &Kroos.

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