If MB opened up to all would it 💩 over the big boys

  • If or when MB is open to all would the big price holds take a nose dive...

    Pogba and Neymar got lots of media attention out of season

    But in the playing season according to Indexgain figures 1/08/18 to 31/05/19
    Pogba got £1.37 in media and 25p PB divs per future.

    Neymar only got 26p media and 28p in pb ???

    Just wondering if they are and would still be a safe hold if MB opens up

  • Depends how many championship players will get punched by a fan this year.

    I doubt it'll do much, except encourage a few pump n dumps if big stories on random players are out before 2pm deadline.

  • @Westy cheers I don't hold either players, but appreciate they can command attention, besides Messi or Ronaldo not sure who'd fill the gaps

  • FI did some analysis at the time of the share split and it indicated there should be very little impact on the main MB winners.

    Plus of course, both Neymar’s and Pogba’s current share prices are way down from their highs pre-share split, so you could say it’s already more than factored into their price.

  • @ocs123 i think 7% was the figure given for mb that would have been won by non top 200 players

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