Seeds of recovery?

  • This afternoon/evening just noticing some sort of recovery especially with Pogba and Sancho.
    Anyone sensing maybe some bottom fishing going on?
    Maybe start of something or a blip?

  • Green day on a monday and a boat load of money gone back into sancho in no time and an equally large amount in pog over the course of today. Few Bob in ibra tsygankov and castagne also. 2nd and 3rd for MB tho on a day with a single pb match is a proper kick in the teeth.

    Maybe theres a recovery in the market but still a lot left to be desired from the FI team

  • Shhhh...dont jinx it I've just seen green for the first time in weeks!!!

  • Wow I forgot what the colour green lucked like!

  • Anyone else starting to get excited for the madness which will no doubt begin when all this bottoms out? I'm quite looking forward to a refresh where a lot of the big boys are looking quite cheap again and there's going to be a lot of opportunity out there!

  • @Mike_17 🍺

  • I took the opportunity to buy 200 Pogba today.

    His current low price was too tempting to ignore.

  • @ocs123 confidence mate like it

  • Looks more like people are taking shares out of the sell que rather than actually purchasing new shares.

  • Rashford flying

  • @AndydfopT

    "Hugh Carr" has just purchased around 10p worth

  • @Advinculas-Index good lad, keep it coming

  • @Advinculas-Index smart buy there. Rashford’s due some amazing form soon.

  • Looks like the top end is seeing some love the prices of some of these guys now are to good to miss out on, with lower prices your yeilds are a lot higher, maybe long term focus is back with proven div winners now seeing a little up turn.

  • @Jonah do you think its newcomers not knowing how it works properly? then after 2 games they realise how the media and pb work etc just a thought

  • @Rob-E who knows but would say the majority of new users are after a quick buck so rapid dips and rises. I also think the focus of long term gain through divs has been some what lost, end of the day if you can make 10% yeild in 12 months that's better than any bank ISA ect would return but you have three years. I think a lot of more experienced traders have got involved to getting in early but I don't see this continuing, as for the index being in minus figures doesn't bother me to much it won't last forever and the bounce wil come but how far we have to go before that happens is anyone's guess.
    It's a case of who blinks first,many people must be sat with huge cash balances waiting to get in at the bottom so once it starts there will be a buying frenzy driving prices upwards plus people taking players out of sell queues a double wammy. I could be totally wrong only time will tell.

  • Sancho's back in the green for me, and De Bruyne has jumped up by 14p since the afternoon.

  • @Jonah nice to have that insight mate as im far from experienced..when i joined 2nd june my plan was to buy mainly consistant performers and just sit for a season and watch..had no experience with the match day rankings so i wanted to observe for a season ..
    started off well right up until last week i was £1500 in profit now its gone right down to 700....
    i was going to sell up & get on the youngster trend but i feel thats the wrong thing to do as when the latter stages of the ecl comes aroung all these younguns will be nowhere to be seen.....
    ive still got players in the red who i only bought for transfers in the summer like de ligt & ndombele..reason i didnt get rid was because i didnt know how it i do they are on the list lol

  • @Advinculas-Index said in Seeds of recovery?:


    "Hugh Carr" has just purchased around 10p worth

    .....and 1100 KDB this morning.

  • This post is deleted!

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