Hi FI. I'm Prepared To Forgo My 50 percent Merch Discount If You Could Fix..

  • ...the watch list. My portfolio is littered with 1 share players because FI is unable to provide a fully functioning watchlist. I don't think this one has to be sent to the rocket science department. You put one to 200 players on a list and watch them go up and down all day. It's that basic. 3 primates and a computer could have it done in a day.

    There's probably premium watchlist service. FI Cash Drain or something like that. But surely this is just basic functionality. Come on FI.

  • The leaking tap in the bathroom?

  • Watchlist needs sorting first please. My profits are dripping away fast. Sometimes it's easy to blame your own personal trade choices but I know id be a better trader were it not for all my losses hidden away in a sea of 1 share players

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