• Thanks mainly to @MickTurbo who mentioned in an old thread I have started using this site more and more to research players. The feature I found the most interesting and useful is when searching for a player it will list comparable players.

    For example I searched Tej Savanier and the comparable player was Pierre Lees Melou who incidentally is nearly 4 times cheaper. Now I'm not suggesting the comparable player will become as good however it give you some indication on what sort of player he is.

    My point in starting this thread was to inform especially new traders of this function on their website and to see if there was any interest in setting up a thread like the under 40p players for good value comparable players on

    Would anyone be interested in a thread for good comparable players via

  • @Pagey74 yeh I've found it very useful to be honest. It got me onto Lees-Melou who I made 20% on very quickly, also benjamin andre who recently won star man though admittedly on a single match day and jose campana who I made about 50% on in about 6 weeks. Also baptiste santamaria who was the first find I made using this method and had I stuck with him I'd have made >100% in quick time.

    Big thing to remember though is that it's a starting point for research, not an end point, and also to avoid disappointment, the first thing to do when u find somebody yoube never heard of being compared to kimmich or savanier or some other PB legend is to check they are listed on FI because take it from me, its gonna really piss u off when u spend an hour on whoscored sofascore youtube and all the rest of it thinking you've unearthed a proper gem, to then find out hes not on the index

  • @Pagey74 .. Like this very useful, I think it was @MickTurbos thread I picked it up from also.. Cheers

  • @MickTurbo We must own the same players as I own all the ones you mentioned following this method too.

    Yeah I agree it's a starting point in terms of research but at least it gives you some an idea of what sort of player he is. I always check transfermrk 1st now and then make sure the player is on FI immediately before further research.

    I think a thread on these comparable players could be interesting as I'm sure there could be a few gems unearthed using this system. You've clearly demonstrated there is value with this system and I feel there would be plenty more out there who have gone unnoticed.

  • @Pagey74 agree, think it could be a good idea and virtually forced so.e level of reasoning rather than the usual shite pumps 👍

  • its also nice for traders that cant afford the big boys, while I appreciate fully they may be profitable, it would be nice to have a regular thread looking at less popular players with good solid research at good prices for all to get involved.. Ive started watching a lot more Bundesliga @Pagey74 @MickTurbo , will keep an eye out for any potential unearthed risers! ..

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  • @Pagey74 good shout mate top tip

  • When prompted for suggestions in how to improve the scoring matrix....this was the point I've tried to highlight.
    FI must improve the scoring matrix using one single methodology....lining our future prices with valuations we observe on "TM". I don't say that lightly, I do so as it is the most common reference point for the media.

    I maintain my concern and want FI to continue to improve the scoring matrix to this end.
    There will still be flux, trade and volatility, skilled traders will not lose any tangible advantage.

    As TM is such a common reference point, not only here but in overseas markets like Germany, it is a common tool used by many new traders.
    These new traders assume there is common sense in the scoring system.

    Naturally players like Oblak and Kante look like attractive bargains. It is unintentionally deceptive.
    Many an experienced trader has cashed in, particularly following successful marketing campaigns and an influx of new traders. This involves no real skill, just a familiarity of the platform.
    A handicap to new traders. Many of which will have seen losses, withdrawn funds and are unlikely to have much praise for the product.

    My suggestions for TM use would be the following :
    Market value increases - percentage filter.
    Market values, players - age filter.
    Team page squad stats - detailed filter.

    The colour rule, buy green, sell red is an excellent indicator regarding direction.
    This is typically reflected in a long term trend that mirrors what we also see on FI.
    There's a general age curve at around 30yo, but form and team inclusion/exclusion are solid factors that steer value. FI is overly volatile in terms of injuries, it's where we can find value thanks to panic sellers...See Martial/Rashford currently. On TM values fall as contracts run down, worth seeking out prior to extended periods of MB during transfer windows.

    I don't have a personal bias or any pro TM agenda.
    It's quite simple, I think the closer we are to real world values, the more new traders we retain. That's a win for FI as well as a win for each of us as investors.
    In this regard we should all be united in a long term direction for PB and improvements to the scoring matrix...particularly for DM's and GK's.

    An added benefit of TM as a reference and source is that values there are crowd sourced, anyone can jump on a player valuations thread and contribute feedback, they are encouraged to do so prior to league by league value restructures.

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