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  • I've been fairly vocal lately about my concerns as to how the platform is transforming but I've realised that I myself have probably contributed to the trend that is damaging my portfolio the most - I posted a thread a while back (which has recently resurfaced) about "fixture research = reward (potentially)".

    In it, I detailed a team's upcoming fixtures and highlighted the short-term opportunities (which turned out to be quite lucrative for those who followed the advice of others who also contributed to the thread).

    Today I see a few other threads highlighting IPD opportunities over the next 30 days or players with easy fixtures coming up. But what I DON'T see are any posts about dividends - who has won what so far, who has just missed out by a point or two, etc.
    If long-term trading is to stand any chance of rebounding in the next few weeks rather than months or years, then it is up to us to highlight and reinforce the importance of MB and PB dividends

    So, starting today, I'm going to log down on this thread the daily dividend winners, including their scores and also the type of game day they featured in. Then, either fortnightly or monthly I'll compile a table to make analysis easier and HOPEFULLY encourage more traders to see the light when it comes to the attraction in dividend earners

  • @ScouseSte nice 👍

  • MONDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER 2019

    PB: Single matchday

    MB: Messi wins FIFA award for best player


    Divs earned:

    MB: Messi 2p

    DEF: Knoche 2p

    MID + STAR: Guilavoglie 3p

    FWD: Skov 2p

  • @ScouseSte since I've also been pretty vocal in this regard, I'll be willing to cooperate with u in this as I do think it's worthwhile.


    PB: Double matchday

    MB: Messi won FIFA award for best player yesterday plus goes off injured today


    Divs earned:

    MB: Messi 2p

    DEF: Mandanda 3p

    MID + STAR: Golovin 5p

    FWD: Moron 3p

  • @ScouseSte if you want any assistance on the MB side of things for the fortnightly / monthly round-ups feel free to give me a shout. I keep a record of MB placings (Single Day winners and Triple Day top-3) and have done for every single day since I joined on January 15th 2019.

    GREAT idea for a thread by the way bud.

  • @LukeMalla sound mate 👍


    PB: Treble matchday

    MB: Mainly Messi injury updates


    Divs earned:

    MB: Messi 2p

    DEF: Souquet 5p

    MID + STAR: Kroos 7p

    FWD: Chiesa 5p

  • @ScouseSte Good idea! Those threads about PB/MB do exist, but are drowned out by those discussing IPDs. Just last Tuesday, there was a good thread where holders chirped about winning the 1st PB dividends from Robert Skov https://forums.footballindex.co.uk/topic/10930/skov

  • Good idea for a thread. Worth noting now before it gets forgotten that last night's midweek treble match day featured a lot of squad rotation and strange results. Actually that punishes the IPD 30 day trader more than a long term holder, but damages anyone's chances of dividends. I am hoping that Joan Jordan is rested tonight and that Banega has a chance at dividends tonight although he has to contend with the viking!!

  • Thursday 26th SEPTEMBER 2019

    PB: Single matchday

    MB: Messi wins his FOURTH MB in a row! Slow news week


    Divs earned:

    MB: Messi 2p

    DEF: Mallo 2p

    MID: Odegaard 2p

    FWD + STAR: Oyarzabal 3p

  • Just look who's top of the pops in the 200. And they havent been dumped after midnight because they become worthless once the IPD is locked in they continue to rise because they have the look of proper PB contenders, in short they have long term value.

    Dividends matter, the sustained rises are proof

  • FRIDAY 27th SEPTEMBER 2019

    PB: Single matchday

    MB: Bernardo Silva's "racist" tweet fallout


    Divs earned:

    MB: B Silva 2p

    DEF: A Toure 2p

    MID + STAR: Cazorla 3p

    FWD: A Silva 2p


    PB: Treble matchday

    MB: Sterling speaking out about B Silva tweet


    Divs earned:

    MB: R Sterling 2p

    DEF: M Doherty 5p

    MID: Jorginho 5p

    FWD + STAR: R Mahrez 7p

  • 0_1569761293056_Screenshot_20190929-134752_Chrome.jpg 0_1569761299062_Screenshot_20190929-134758_Chrome.jpg

    Dividends matter

  • SUNDAY 29th SEPTEMBER 2019

    PB: Treble matchday

    MB: Pulisic not starting games. Slow news day.


    Divs earned:

    MB: C Pulisic 2p

    DEF + STAR: R Pereira 7p

    MID: W Ndidi 5p

    FWD: J Callejon 5p

  • 0_1569826769788_Screenshot_20190930-075913_Chrome.jpg

  • I just use this free report which lists all the dividend winners: https://indexgain.co.uk/dividend-winners-table/

    You get it when you sign up under the free plan and you can filter based on loads of different things. 0_1569828736901_Screenshot 2019-09-30 at 08.31.01.png

  • MONDAY 30th SEPTEMBER 2019

    PB: Single matchday

    MB: Youngster starting for Arsenal against United


    Divs earned:

    MB: B Saka 2p

    DEF: C Ansaldi 2p

    MID + STAR: D Kulusevski 3p

    FWD: R Inglese 2p

    *considering I only started doing this a week ago, proper monthly analysis will begin at the end of October

  • @ScouseSte September's MB Div winners and their scores. Just 5 Treble Media Days in September.

    Richarlison - 700
    Romelu Lukaku - 1370 // Virgil van Dijk - 640 // Lionel Messi - 560
    Alexis Sanchez - 690 // Christian Eriksen - 640 // Neymar - 600
    Romelu Lukaku - 960 // Neymar - 860 // Aymeric Laporte - 450
    Mason Mount - 770
    Neymar - 640
    Harry Kane - 1380
    Harry Kane - 570
    Daniel James - 1380
    Cristiano Ronaldo - 1040
    Raheem Sterling - 1120 // Cristiano Ronaldo - 1090 // Jadon Sancho - 860
    Lionel Messi - 730 // Neymar - 690 // Harry Maguire - 460
    Raheem Sterling - 720
    Sadio Mane - 1560
    Eddie Nketiah - 580
    Tammy Abraham - 880
    Cristiano Ronaldo - 990
    Cristiano Ronaldo - 1560
    Mason Greenwood - 1940
    Bukayo Saka - 710
    James Maddison - 810
    Marcus Rashford - 740
    Lionel Messi - 4380
    Lionel Messi - 1860
    Lionel Messi - 740
    Lionel Messi - 730
    Bernardo Silva - 830
    Raheem Sterling - 680
    Christian Pulisic - 310
    Bukayo Saka - 630

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