Daily Dividend Winners

  • I’ll try and keep this going for a month in the absence of @ScouseSte - can’t promise the same level of high quality commentary!

    Friday 13th March - Media Day (double divs promotion)

    1. Odion Ighalo (10p)
    2. Bruno Fernandes (6p)
    3. Kevin De Bruyne (2p)

    Points to note - Bruno getting MB for an article in which he denies Diogo Dalot makes his packed lunch 😂 and Fred finishing level with KDB but missing out on dividends on a “latest article” tie break.


  • Saturday 14th March - media day (double divs promotion)

    1. Bruno Fernandes (10p)
    2. Paul Pogba (6p)
    3. Dani Ceballos (2p)

    Ceballos prevents a United clean sweep with stories about him winning over Mikel Arteta, who would now like to sign him permanently in the summer.


  • @Coleyscrooge I own 24 Bruno Fernandes but only got 1.20 gbp divs? Should it not be 2.40?

  • @Millonarios, the initial payout is normal media rates. You’ll get the additional 5p as cash bonus (plus for anyone that finished 2nd or 3rd) at about 11am.

  • @Sped TYVM

  • Sunday 15th March - Media Day (double dividends)

    1. Dean Henderson (10p)
    2. Odion Ighalo (6p)
    3. Bruno Fernandes (2p)

    Transfer stories have started to take over the media already , with today’s big winners being Henderson (Chelsea want him next season) and Ighalo (will he or won’t he sign permanently for United?)


  • Monday 16th March - Media Day (Double Dividend Promotion)

    1. Bruno Fernandes (10p)
    2. Paul Pogba (6p)
    3. Harry Kane (2p)

    Bruno wins player of the month and takes the top spot. Rumours of Pog returning to training was enough for 2nd place, and some Harry Kane transfer spec took third.


  • Tuesday 17th March - Media Day (double dividends promotion)

    1. Bruno Fernandes (10p)
    2. Nemanja Matic (6p)
    3. Cristiano Ronaldo (2p)

    A fairly innocuous non-story about Ronaldo and Bruno was enough to take 3rd and 1st place in media respectively! Some actual football news crept into second place as Matic signs a new contract with United.


  • What are Brono and Dalot doing today? Have a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos or something lads i want my daily £5.

  • @Coleyscrooge just want to say fair play to u for maintaining this thread in scouseste absence 👍

  • Wednesday 18th March - Media Day (double dividends promotion)

    1. Gareth Bale (10p)
    2. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (6p)
    3. Lionel Messi (2p)

    Some of the lowest MB winning scores on record, as FI took their Coronavirus policy very seriously and removed any article with even a passing mention to the current outbreak and football shutdown (which was pretty much every article!)


  • @Coleyscrooge So looks like I been paid only 5pence a share on Bale. Was this flagged?

  • @Clover you should get a second payment anytime now with the bonus 5p

  • @Stanley-the-Dog I see. Thank you was so confused, cos it happened again

  • Thursday 19th March - Media Day (double dividend promotion)

    1. Paul Pogba (10p)
    2. Philippe Coutinho (6p)
    3. Bruno Fernandes (2p)

    It’s the first day of FI’s new policy that involves only deleting CoronaVirus stories which are explicitly about the player’s health. As a result, we see some higher MB scores but a familiar winner as Pogba takes home the top div. Coutinho sneaks into second with stories about a possible Premier League return with Chelsea next year.


  • Friday 20th March - Media Day (Double Dividends Promotion)

    1. Paul Pogba (10p)
    2. Marcus Rashford (6p)
    3. Lionel Messi (2p)


  • Saturday 21st March - Media Day (Double Dividend Promotion)

    1. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (10p)
    2. Jadon Sancho (6p)
    3. Neymar (2p)

    Three transfer stories take home the divs with paper speculation about where each of these will be playing next season.


  • Sunday 22nd March - Media Day (Double Dividends Promotion)

    1. Bruno Fernandes (10p)
    2. Jadon Sancho (6p)
    3. Toby Alderweireld (2p)

    The two highest priced players on the Index show their worth again with another MB dividend haul. Toby Alderweireld sneaks into third for his charity donations to hospitals.


  • Monday 23rd March - Media Day (Double Dividends Promotion)

    1. Trent Alexander-Arnold (10p)
    2. Marco Asensio (6p)
    3. Gabriel Martinelli (2p)

    Trent wins Media Buzz - as I saw someone say on Twitter, that must be because of all his unsuccessful crosses 😂

    In other “news”, Asensio wins 6p a share for being quite good at a computer game.

    What a day!


  • @Coleyscrooge It is great MB is open to whole platform. Can get the odd outside top 200 value player appear once in a while

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