Money in the Playmakers...

  • Theres money in them there playmakers

    So my trading style and speciality is playmakers & flair players.

    Below I’ve highlighted 4 players you’ll make money on in the next 3 months in time for Xmas 🤣
    I’ve added a handful to the port recently:

    Suat Serdar @ FC Shalke - obviously this guy is hot at the moment and rising but he’s bloody 69p ( when posted) he’s in a team with Harit who is also hot & people willlook for a cheap alternative.

    Orel Mangala @ Stuttgart - 18 year old Belgium who’s now getting his chance at promotion favourites. Think he’s around the 35-40p bracket.

    Dennis Geiger @ Hoffenheim - 89p Player who Played 2 times last season under Naaglesmann but now with a new manager in the former Ajax assistant he’s now play 5 games, average 83 mins a game & he’s a dangerous player in a team who’s not had the best start due to tough matches who are going to rise and start performing.

    Giorgio De Arrasscaeta @ Flamengo - stats this season are unreal, 25 year old playmaking Uruguay international. Due a move to Europe!!!

  • Orel Mangala was one of my first buys, as he was one of the best players on the pitch for every match within the Hamburg side. We were pretty shocking and bottled the promotion, however he was always extremely composed brilliant in tackles and had a good eye.

    Apparently OL or OM don't remember were after him in the summer.

  • You still got him?

  • 8.2 rating & a goal yesterday for giorgian for Flamengo

  • Found another, Joaquin Correa @ Lazio.

    £1 and will be £1.50 by Xmas. So important to that side and he’s 24 and Argentinian.

    Will jump into the top 200 I reckon


    Serdar - scored 2 in 3 this year, but I don't see that being sustainable. He'll drop a bit from 69 I reckon, but a nice find.

    Geiger - 2 assists in 5 but their games haven't been that tough, Hoffenheim have been poor and 2 of their next 3 games are Schalke and Bayern. Are you expecting cap app or divs from him?

    Mangala - 0 goals and 0 assists so far and Stuttgart have been putting away goals, but worth a punt at 18p I suppose. He's 21 not 18. He's now 39p and hasn't been under 20p in 6 months...

    De Arrascaeta - 9 goals 7 assists in 12 starts, those stats are unreal. He's looking like your golden nugget here! At 57p a January move to Europe (end of Brazil season no?) could send his price airborne. Was linked with Wolves previously but those stats will grab attention.

  • Surely if you jump on board the Stuttgart express this season it's got to be Nicolas Gonzalez. The full Argentina squad for games against Germany and Ecuador to be named soon and according to various media sources he's going to be in it. 21 year old striker if he maintains his current strike rate should have a right haul. 50 odd p seems a bargain.

  • I’m riding that train already

  • @THE-PL4YM4KER said in Money in the Playmakers...:

    Found another, Joaquin Correa @ Lazio.

    £1 and will be £1.50 by Xmas. So important to that side and he’s 24 and Argentinian.

    Will jump into the top 200 I reckon

    Wouldn't you rather be on Luis Alberto who has a goal and 3 assists instead of Correa at 1 goal and no assists?

    Actually, I cannot find Luis Alberto on the index. Does he go by another name?

  • @Lukeroro

    Luis Alberto is £2.23 in Top 200. Massive jump recently after 2 PB wins and a big rise yesterday.

  • I was looking in Squad Players. Cheers @Martyn-B

  • It’s all in context and peoples different situations, is rather have more shares on Correa and see a smaller rise but saw profit 🤷🏼‍♂️😘

  • @THE-PL4YM4KER I hadn't seen Alberto's price at that point. Correa is a shout.

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