Happy Tuesday One and All

  • I know its not Friday but feck it, Happy Tuesday everyone.

    A massive cyber hug goes out to all my fellow traders that didn't Instant Sell anything whist the HMS FI was sinking.

    A massive Indian Burn goes out to all those knob head sheep for selling up in a panic - remember the rules, only bet what you can afford to lose.


    Please, please, please, with shiny stuff on top can you stop buying Neymar, De Bruyne and Odegaard and buy any of the following....as they are still red and although I love red, I want to see green...so buy any of the following fecking mongrel faced bag of shite that is:

    Thomas Muller, come on, hes super sub, IPD monkey and just 60p a share - BUY SOME.

    Pogba!!!!! Nuff Said

    Rashford....errr maybe not, I think this kid is ready for the scrap heap...

    Mbappe....see above, shitter than Rashford but not English.

    Matteo Politano - world best winger HONEST

    Salah - Remember him, he's ready for a purple patch and mega cheap at just £4.60 a pop.

    Koen Casteels - Worlds best keeper.

    Luuk de Jong - Best striker in Holland, but hes playing in Spain and is wank at the moment, but worth a couple of grand.

    Bruno Fernandes - Being serious for a minute, jump on whilst he's just £2.16

    Hazard, ready to light up the world. £4.32, ill have 12 please!

    Enjoy the green, 2.49% up already - love it.

    *ps some of the above is a piss take, some isn't

    *pps but all the players I have listed are RED for me, make them GREEN and I will whisper in your ear and make more than your hair stand on end, if your female....you know the score!!!!!

    Much love

    Happy Tuesday peeps.

  • Quick tip for anyone who may be swayed by my feedback

    See line 9




  • @Millerman-again said in Happy Tuesday One and All:

    Quick tip for anyone who may be swayed by my feedback

    See line 9




    On the otherside look at your comment about buying Bruno you were spot on there

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