Well that was short lived..

  • @Sol Assess your expectation levels fella. I have experienced loads of deposit bonuses during my time here. The pattern is always the same. Immediate lift off and then after the first hour(s) or so there is a slight dip as people who aren't interested in receiving the bonus will start taking profits from the rises.

  • @Vespasian32 love you man, but the reality is there.

  • I missed the first batch of rises. Some of them were my players which is great.

    Noticed Pulisic hadn't risen after dropping like a stone recently, so got on him in expectation he could benefit from the second band of rises. If he impresses tomorrow then he could get back in the side considering Chelsea aren't exactly flying in his absence.

  • @Ddr I wonder if FI will charge the people with negative net buys 10%? Fair is fair no? :D

  • @Antierror 😂

  • Master stroke by FI, all those sell orders gone through and they’ve made their commission and have rewarded buyers now

    Love it

  • @Ddr said in Well that was short lived..:

    @Sol number 1 it's not a deposit bonus. Number 2 all the people selling are shooting themselves in the foot as they're net buys will now be negative

    But it is a good time to sell, sacrifice the bonus (with drops post bonus) to be able to market sell on a rise... So you will see money coming in, but also lots selling and possibly leaving. Bonuses have come round so often that many people's exit plans will be on one of these.

  • @Westy said in Well that was short lived..:

    But it is a good time to sell, sacrifice the bonus

    Many just restructure their portfolio; selling into the excitement bounce but reinvesting the proceeds + deposit into "better buys" so get the best of both worlds.

  • I don't know where you're looking @Sol but my portfolio just keeps going up-and-up today. Was up first thing I logged in this morning to spend my Messi dividends and has been rising all day since.

    If FI is bothering you soo much recently may I suggest you use this market surge as an opportunity to sell your portfolio at a spike, take your profit, close your account down (including your forum one) and do us all a favour and kindly close the door behind you. You're becoming somewhat of a boring repetitive noise around here.

    After all, once the fun stops, stop! You clearly aren't having fun on FI anymore.

  • It's like FI have taken a defibrillator and shocked my dying portfolio back into life!

  • @LukeMalla 😢 😁

  • @Sol Oh look, another refresh - another jump up in portfolio value.

    Perhaps your bad mood is 'cus your portfolio just isn't up to scratch?!

  • Dont understand the people saying dropping etc. Unless you go for big guns. Every single player increased over last 1 year.. unless you go aggro on sell and buy you will loose out otherwise decent increases..

    Last couple of week I go up consistent 300-400 pounds on a 7.5k portofolio with players from 60p to £2.5.

  • @LukeMalla said in Well that was short lived..:

    @Sol Oh look, another refresh - another jump up in portfolio value.

    Perhaps your bad mood is 'cus your portfolio just isn't up to scratch?!

    It’s not that. I’m up just over £1k. The problem is this is an artificial boost. Anyway, let’s leave it at that. I’ve said my piece and I’m also getting bored with being right.

  • I'm still climbing, it has of course slowed down but I'm climbing...to be fair it is a great week to do it;
    Carling Cup 'proper'... fixtures all over Europe through the week and pay day on Monday!!

    If I get a couple of my negatives into positives I may actually be able to off load them in the green.

  • I dont want to seem like I'm just defending or agreeing with sol for the sake of it, although I have been on his side of a lot of debates recently, but his initial post alluded to his preference for a divs increase, nothing more

    Most of us, including some of the most respected people on this forum have opined that a deposit bonus is artificial where a divs increase is not only due, but adds genuine value.

    All that said, I do feel like a bit of weight has been lifted in the last 36 hours and particularly in the last 2. I just think the back lash at sol here seems at odds with what a lot of us have said recently

  • @MickTurbo thanks for swaying off the mob mate 👍🌟

  • @Sol stop looking at your portfolio as much. All ive seen is huge rises over the last hour or so. But if you watch price movements minute by minute you will see drops. Is your portfolio up over the last 24hrs? If so you havent had a drop youre in profit. Its normal for all spikes to have a small dip after as people list shares for sale

  • @MickTurbo

    The problem with @sol is that he either types without thinking, or he is a troll seeking attention.

    A div increase will come in the future, it will happen naturally. Yes, the deposit bonus is artificial, but it serves a purpose.

    Sol writes doom and gloom repetitive nonsense about pyramid schemes and spouts constant negativity. It doesnt help my portfolio and it doesnt help members of the forum.

    If he keeps this up, other users will simply ignore him and his advice.

  • @MickTurbo Agree totally.
    This is artificial and just plasters over the cracks.
    The rise today has got to be welcomed by all as it's been uncertain trading of late but nothing has changed for the elite players and will be interesting to see if they can sustain let alone continue to rise.
    Some may take these gains as a route to exit.
    Sorry to sound negative on a day of green which is nice to see.

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