Which players has the money missed?

  • @MickTurbo Bruno is so cheap now... He will be a MB beast in january...

  • @LukeMalla Yeh was looking at them, both got good international fixtures coming too.

  • Cavani not moving much up 1p, thought he may of been a little more popular due back from injury. Kramaric up 4p so far..

  • Jonjoe Kenny will be over 1 pound in no time... english, young, won PB already this season scoring and assisting for Shalke!

  • There is plenty of time for people to deposit.
    Talk of euro qualifiers will start soon especially on twitter, my tip in the £10-100 challenge was forsberg who will be one talked about imo.
    Andre silva could get going with a few goals.
    Yusseff poulsen has dipped a lot because his wife had a baby and didn't play at weekend, another with a load of games coming up.

  • It was a frustrating time because I listed 1 player who did rise but not the way some did. I wanted to shift him to get on depay. By the time he moved depay had had twice the rise he had.

    At this point the correct thing to do would have been to split that money between topping up VVD and fernandes since they have been largely left alone, then trim back down to my original holdings post 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 and then get onto depay with a bigger lump of cash but being a fanny I've just lumped straight onto depay

  • Pablo Fornals (slowly getting used to premiership - flashes of what he can do against Man Utd at weekend) and Lanzini out for 3/4 weeks so should start more games and cement position.

    Felipe Anderson my biggest hold as is destined for great things (prob away from West Ham eventually 🙁)

    Sorry so WHUFC biased.... my cross to bear.

  • Salah

  • Griezmann

  • Mauro Icardi... one goal away from a big jump in price... PSG looking good. Icardi is set for a big season!

  • Although he has started the season very poor Gianluca Mancini is excellent value at 64p.

  • @Westy said in Which players has the money missed?:

    Alvaro Morata.
    Back from injury.
    Flat lined for a bit.
    Should be back as Atleico's main man and Spain's if he can get through the upcoming lg games and show fitness.
    Young. Penalty taker.
    8 possible games IPD if buy today.

    Bought 1000 👍

  • So far it has missed Philip Coutinho which I find very strange. Scored 298 points on Saturday and won star man yet he only scored 1 which was from a penalty.

    He is going to be a monster this year for Bayern and the press over here in England are still obsessed with him. He is playing away at Spurs next Tuesday night.

    Going to be a very good div returner and is currently a low price I feel.

    I expect his price to rise before the weekend.

  • @Tarpsa As a fellow west ham fan don't you think Fornals has been very disappointing? I sold up at a big loss as he looks like he has no confidence. I hope he turns it around.

    Fully agree with Lanzini though. I still had my doubts about him before the season but he's been great. Just needs to stop getting injured.

  • I've gone for a lot of the names mentioned here but I want to throw Ricardo Pereira into the mix. Admittedly I am a holder and a Leicester fan so I'm biased but I felt he was too cheap before the deposit news dropped and he still hasn't moved. 89p for a relatively young attacking full back who has a chance of being in the Portugal squad for the Euros. Peaked at £1.09 a month or so ago and has an average PB score comfortably ahead of the other Leicester defenders.

  • I just went almost £500 into Carrasco for long term cap app as he hadn't moved much. Wanted something safe as he'll probably move on Jan or next summer at the latest.

  • Coutinho,Morata,Tolisso,Oscar Rodriguez,Josip Ilicic,Szoboszlai and Pulgar- just a few I thought would’ve risen a bit more.

  • I've just invested a chunk more in Nico Schulz - FI darling of last season has fallen from high of £1 to 66p. About the same price he was before he played for Dortmund and was registered as a midfielder. Back in light training after injury and just saw his XG assist stats of last year. Registered 10.70 which his team mates only put 5 away. https://understat.com/team/Hoffenheim/2018 (great site by the way)
    Also has been first choice left back for Germany for a while.

  • Main one im noticing in my port is Alcantara. No movement there at all yet

  • @LukeMalla I finally sold Eriksen today after having him in the sell queue for about a week. Pretty friendless it seems.

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