PB potential cap

  • What do you think the max cap is for a pure PB player? No chance of MB but smashes PB on a semi regular basis. Seems to be a big range in prices in the best PB players, is that because some are over/under priced? What do you think their cap is?

    E.g. KDB - £4-5, Parejo - £1.50-2, L Alberto - £2-2.50, Kimmich £3-4, Depay £3+

    All are purely PB players really and all have the euros coming up but yet all are different prices

  • There's several factors that come into it so it's hard to pin it down.

    Got to consider age, is their club winning plenty of games, do they have a future big move in them, do they have other team mates they they are directly competing with for PB...

    Sometimes it's just that buzz word doing the rounds of market sentiment.

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