• I’m up around 30% on Campana, where do you think his limit will be? I’m in two minds wether to take the profit.

  • @Woody I think he's got a good base PB, he's due a goal or assist soon so the gamble on holding is a decent one.

    Personally I reduced my holding as was sitting as roughly the same ROI as you, happy now to ride out any dips on what I've got left as believe he will hit a big PB score at least once this season. (Hopefully tonight!)

  • @DW thanks, yes it’s a difficult one knowing when to exit. Let’s see what he does tonight.

  • I've done nicely out of him and bailed but he will win PB at some point for sure

  • If reports are to believed he will be playing for a top 4 Spanish side next season. If that move materialises then he will be a regular PB winner imo.

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