Who's your money gone in to today and why?

  • I realise a few of you will have mentioned this in the various new threads today but I don't think there's a thread dedicated to solely this. Most of mine went in to Kane, he's the safest long term premium hold IMO with his proven impressive dividend returns, proven quality, good age and England's main man. I was especially tempted by Pogba on his drop and with his upcoming return but with him being my biggest hold I already have plenty.

  • I’ve gone for Che Adams. Surely he has to score soon, pretty please? Plus on TV tonight, if he bags he’ll rise. Pompey haven’t been great this season. At his lowest price since signing for Southampton at 95p, some 40p off his peak price. English (also eligible for Scotland) and only 22yo still.

  • Banned

    Cesc Fabregas

  • Messi - felt he has been stagnant for far too long plus he is returning from injury. Also, was crossing fingers for a mb payout tonight.

  • Mateta. And that's why I drink.

  • @NallyCat

    Bale.. . Looks like he will play week in week out... always a threat. ..

    J rodriguez .. playing games now as modric isco injured. ..

    Boyh will play league and champs league football.

    Also both will have transfer spec come jan.

  • David Brooks as he’s top quality and will be returning from a long-term injury soon. Getting in before he returns as the rise will get bigger by the end of the month IMO.

  • Depay because he slots beautifully into my euros master plan and will surely give me some PB through the season, surely some IPD's looking at lyon and hollands games and quite possibly some MB as I think hes good enough to outgrow lyon and perhaps ligue 1.

    Also VVD because he has absolutely tumbled lately but nobody has really talked about that because all the talk in that regard has been about pog and rash.

  • Milik, I love what Napoli are doing and this guy is at that experienced age now, Like a cross between Bergkamp and Crouch.

  • I topped up on Pog and Coman. Pog because he’s back fit and dropped so much. Coman just because he’s a PB beast and still surprisingly valued, even with recent rises.

    I also accidentally bought Reece James when I thought I’d clicked on Daniel James. Pleasantly surprised by Reece’s rise since though :)

  • @kaka8 nice cold, ice cold, Milik mmmmm...

  • Mostly topped up on existing holds....Coman, odegaard, depay, Barella, brooks, zaniolo (can you see types of players I'm going for?!)

    Then bought into Rashica as just returning from injury and should have bought long ago.

  • I’m on Bale too, he’s not been backed at all over the summer, infact gone emphatically the other way. Chinese rumours long since past, a couple of assists, goals, and plenty of appearances plus the euros to come - long over due rise, especially if Real look like progressing from their UCL group

  • Oh yeh another 200 odegaard as well but that was before the announcement so I'm buzzing with that. I've actually done some trading today though, I'm not bothered about this deposit bonus because I canr afford it anyway so I'm just enjoying all the green

  • Most of mine was spent on players where the impact of any post sell bonus should be minimal due to the circumstances surrounding them on the 19th October

    Leroy Sane
    Currently injured so his price should only head one way until the new year - His price should naturally gain some traction around the end of October as he gets closer to returning to proper training.

    Americ Laporte x

    See Above

    Marco Asensio

    See Above

    Sandro Tonali

    • Links surfacing re Man United interest, these should gather momentum as we get closer to Jan

    Bruno Fernandes

    • See above (not necessarily Man United but it seems almost a given that speculation regards a move will ramp up during the back end of the year.

    Yannock Carrasco
    See Above

    David Brooks - Due back from injury very soon and see above re speculation

    Axel Tuanzebe -
    His price has actually dropped by 8p in the last few days but i think he looks like a quality defender who will score goals from set peices and has all the FI requirements to become over inflated as soon as he starts a couple of matches (Young/English/Man United). who knows, by then United might have a different manager at the helm.

    Marcelo Brozovic -
    Proven PB winner and scores highly even without goals, has underlying value and longer term will be a popular trade for the Euros next year.

    Jurgen Ekkelenkamp -
    Ajax youngster on the brink of stardom

    Harvey Barnes -
    Young, English long term could become one of the next crop to be given a look in in an England shirt

    Phil Foden - Suffered a steady drop over the last few weeks but will inevitably rise significantly one he start featuring for Man City and England.

    Kingsley Coman -
    Because he is a baller! He plays for a team likely to go deep into the CL and holds down a regular spot in the French national side at the age of 22
    People have been going on about his injury risk but he has managed to play for a few months now injury free and it is only that stigma which has held his price back (should be up towards £3 imo at the moment.)
    Scores goals / assists and consistently racks up high PB scores - winning the other night with 297(ish).

    Also got some Messi / Sterling because they seem to know their onions when it comes to the old footy.

    thats my £10k in a nutshell

  • Nowhere.

    I put all my spare money into Pogba yesterday. Lucky timing as he’s risen nicely today,

  • Alan Browne at Preston.
    They are doing well in the league, he scored nearly 1 in 3 last season and is breaking in to the Ireland set up, scored last time out.

    28p, a move, promotion or goal on an international game and he flies

  • I went on;
    Duncan (Alfred not bobby)
    duj sterling

    and some more Pogba :) of course

  • Zlatan
    Valentino Lazaro

  • Griezman and Coutinho.
    Topped up on Alba who dropped last week due to injury.
    Also sold and re-bought my Immobile shares for IPD, something I've not done before so see how it goes!

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