Dybala starting for Juventus again...

  • Is this going to be a regular thing and he’s back in favour or just because of injuries? Don’t really like to talk about the guy as got burnt badly in the summer but still holding in hope of a rebound.

  • Probably only in because Ronaldo is out - good opportunity for him to earn his place back though and could be a good opportunity to claw some losses back and get out off the back of a decent performance.

  • Starts again today, matuidi and cuadrado are down as the full backs 😂

  • He assisted again in Champions League playing like 10mins only. The guy is class! I expect him to go up in price big time in near future. Transfer window is almost here! If he doesn't leave and he stays and play again sky is the limit price wise! I'm buying 1000 shares. His price now is laughable...

  • @xop11 the transfer window is barely closed a month 😂

  • @Gregolocky in January is open again!

  • @xop11 I’ve got 1000 in him and praying Sarri has some faith in him. 2 nice assists in last 2 games. I’m 50p down per share from the transfer horror show over the summer and need a nice recovery here.

  • @TeamGB you will make profit whit your shares mark my word! Dont sell now! If you can buy 1000 more. You will average a minus 25p per share. Now is the time to buy because is cheap for his value and 3 months from now you will get dividends and after when transfer market is open media buzz. He will be again linked whit a transfer to Premier League!

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