Manchester United to get relegated

  • Haven't put on a traditional bet In 2 months but 1000/1 odds represents insane value to me and seemed worth a fiver. Should be no more than 33/1

    When you are setting up your team frightened of what West Ham are capable of doing to you then you are no different to Brighton, Watford and the rest of the strugglers.

    The squad is paper thin too.

  • Oh yeah and next 4 or 5 fixtures just look at them and even United fans be honest.... How many points can you see United winning? To me the easiest fixture looks like Arsenal at home in Monday.

  • Hope some of you got on in time. Newcastle 5/6 to go down before this game. Can't wait to see what odds United will be tonight. Still can't see them winning any of the next 3 games though.

    Manchester United have lots of endeavour and zero quality. This once great club will be visiting Wycombe Wanderers next season.

    They now need over a point a game average to get the magic 40 point mark.

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