How do these deposit bonuses play out?

  • I sort of missed the last one but I can't remember there being a big drop off like I was informed there would be. Do you think there could be a big drop off after the 5% bonus ends?

  • likely to be a bit of bouncing around during the bonus now that the opening melee is out the way. More money will come in as people get paid and others find whatever they can to take advantage. Some use it as a chance to sell and leave, others use it to reshuffle their port. The net movement over the bonus period should be very positive.

    When the bonus ends there will still be a bit of bouncing as some reinvest their cash bonus, others put in more than they should during the bonus so will withdraw. The net shift post bonus will be negative in all likelihood.

    Enjoy the rise, but don't panic when it starts to dip again. I wouldn't be shocked if FI offer something else at the end or soon after the end of the bonus. We saw the end of media madness and the initial excitement of the start of season wear off and lead to a dip... but then look at what happened... everyone who held/topped up through the dip have benefitted big time now.

    If you buy a Pogba now... you are getting a 66p discount.... so really paying 5.88 … so no one should be crying in their soup if at the end of the bonus he drops down to 6.30 again.

  • @Vespasian32 can pog win Mb tomorrow please?

  • @Collymore10 should have a shout as hes playing vs rochdale lol. still gona be lots about messi/Ronaldo … and Neymar home to reims if he scores a hatty thatl be big news with home fans reaction etc.

  • I’ve noticed a few of my holds with small spreads have shot up today.
    I’m just wondering are traders hoovering up theses players in expectation to be able to get out of these holds quickly and painlessly after the bonus period?

  • @Vespasian32 yep just itching to win my 1st divs for Pogba

  • @Vespasian32 and thank you for your recent comments on the forum making me keep hold of my current Pogba and not panic selling

  • @Gregolocky ive noticed this too. Usually when a player has a rapid price movement his spread increases but today i saw ronaldo vieira go up 14p but maintained a 2p spread which i thought was odd

  • @Black-wolf ya he’s one I’m also on but didn’t wanna name drop 😂

  • Thanks for the replies guys. I think I'm just going to top up my small port and see what happens

  • @Gregolocky i took the opportunity to sell just because of exactly what you have just said. I couldnt see any other cause for a rise than someone putting money on a safe low cost low spread player. I might be wrong but ive held for a while now with no real movement

  • @Black-wolf Good call, I think I’ll half my exposure on the few I have and see how it plays out 👍🏻

  • The last one had about a 3% dip after it finished, but massive growth during it.

    If that repeats then the smart move is hold, and if you need to sell do it gradually a few weeks after the end as prices recover.

  • @DrDog yeh good point... been a lot of unrest due to the recent dip... but my bad month cost me around 3% total... ive made 4.5% today alone. And then getting a free grand in 6 days... and itl probably grow another 2-3% in the coming days.

    The dip will be tiny compare to the rise.

  • @Vespasian32 how soon will FI pay out the 10%?

  • @Bezz82 typically by midday … so lunchtime 1st Oct

    Edit: didn't actually read the full rules, I presume they are paying part 1 straight away and then part 2 rather than all of it at the end of part 2

  • @Vespasian32 No, none of it is being paid until the 19th October.

  • @makes sense or people would just invest their bonus to get another 5%out of it

  • One of the other things to note (iirc) last time was the huge surge on the last day of the bonuses with traders getting in at the last minute to qualify for the bonus.

    The dip afterwards usually lasts for about 10 days with the first 2 being the worst and then the drops ease off significantly - The overall loss has always been dwarfed in comparison to to the gains made.

  • I think this is the best way to do it as there will be a battle on the 19th between those that sell up and take their deposit out / or deposit + bonus out vs those that invest their bonuses. Hopefully the re-investers will offset the mass sell offs enough to not have a major red day or perhaps there will be more bonus money invested than money withdrawn. Be interesting to find out but remember those that panic when there is a bit of red, it is extremely high probability that today's rises and the continued rise to come will be much greater than the short term sell off at the end.

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