Can someone explain the bonus?

  • This is my first bonus drop and I’m still unsure on the full T’s&C’s.

    Is it basically 10% bonus your net from buying/selling from today till the 30th?

    So spend £600
    Sell £300
    Get £30 cash back bonus?

    One of the T’s &C’s states...

    N.B. 'Net Buys' will be calculated to exclude all purchases made with deposits via Credit Card. E.g. if you deposit £100 with a credit card and use these funds to purchase shares, £100 will be deducted from your 'Net Buys' and will not be eligible for a bonus.

    What does this mean? I deposit via card?

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • Your sums are right. Debit card OK, just not credit card.

  • @Bezz82 correct on your net spend calc.

    The important message is... this isnt a deposit bonus... you have to buy shares... and not simply buy 10k and immediately sell.. during the period to receive a bonus your buys must outweigh your sales.

    RE credit card... like ronsil, exactly what it says on the tin. You may use a credit card to deposit money, but it will not be counted towards your net buys in regards to the bonus. If you deposit via debit card it will count towards the bonus. Essentially its a regulation they have to follow to abide by responsible gaming.

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