How to maximize the bonus period.

  • Just in case it helps anyone that hasn't been around in a bonus period...

    1. Topping up. Players you hold for certain beliefs in their future that you want to keep, but are currently negative. Buy shares to close the gap and bring your average down along with the bonus and any ipd eligibility. My port examples are Dembele, Pogba, Fraser... all my Utd holds...

    2. Plop it on low spread players. Chuck a wedge on players you think you will be able to instant sell without too much loss. There are plenty of 2p spreads out there. (Popular method- look at risers list today!)

    3. Sell up/sell individuals. Market is rarely this fluid. Great chance to market sell.

    4. Buy dividend earners and get 10% on your divs! If you can find a player that has a good chance of ipd, pb or mb during the bonus period then any divs you earn and reinvest will count towards the bonus. I went with Morata and Neymar.

    5. Buy out of fashion/injured players. Who is no one buying? Who is still dipping? e.g. Neres- he is still a great young player with a big PB lg transfer in him at some point. Way off his peak now due to no real current value. Long game, but should be safe from any post bonus pull outs.

    6. OCD sort out. Great time to reorganise the whole port. Re analyse every hold. Are they still what you want? Will they still grow? Are they at a peak? What will FI do next- PB rise? MB rise? Who would look good value if either happen. Whose time is now short in your 3 yr hold?

    7. Sit back and just watch.

    Think I've already done a bit of all of those. Anyone with other strategies at play?

    8. Going forwards- Why deposit outside of a bonus period? With the frequency of these periods, I had already pretty much stopped depositing since the last one, just used divs, telling myself save up the money and just wait til the next one?! That is not good for the market, but another strategy I now take and others must think the same...

  • @Westy said in How to maximize the bonus period.:

    Market is rarely this fluid. Great chance to market sell.

    This is the biggest benefit, besides the bonus itself, as it allows restructuring to happen quickly via market sell in players that usually take weeks to move.

    Whilst I accept it can lead to ppl holding off deposits I think it's a great way to encourage & retain new users, what better time to join or increase you exposure?

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