What have we learnt

  • With Neymar stable price wise for weeks and then yesterday’s announcement he jumps up 40p

    Also Pogba and Sancho rising.

    What are the main things this tells us about the market?

    Should Pogba really be that far away from Neymars price?

  • Neymar is producing the goods this season, as is sancho, but Pogba isn't. However, if Pog gets back to form after injury he looks very good value right now.

  • We shouldn't have learned anything... As the advice from everyone who has been through dips and flat periods before... Top up!

  • I don't think Neymar & Pogba should be rising in tandem like they did previously.

    Neymar is earning dividends at the highest rate I've ever seen over the past 3 months - Pogba has brought in very little in comparison.

    You can be confident that Pogba will go on one of his dividend sprees again in the future - but right now Neymar is the player that we dream all of our expensive young players become.

  • think all i've learned is that everytime FI run a promo investment goes in and our portfolios rise.. although the rise has basically covered my fall of the last two weeks so back where i was!!!!

    As for Neymar... simple stats say he's played two league games this season scored two goals in two 1-0 wins and earned PSG 6 points....

    Paul Pogba hasn't done that yet for Manchester United this season so until he does I don't think his price movement compares!!!

  • @Collymore10 I think once the media focus is back on pogba regarding a new contract etc... Scores or misses a penalty... He will win media divis. But that probably won't be enough to catch neymar as new traders consider PB divis more significant than MB at them moment. But if he starts performing and wins PB a few times then possibly him and neymar will be around a similar price IMO. Tonight I predict an MB win for Pogba if he features tonight and another PB win for neymar

  • @C-Money when the messi furore dies down.. we need Pogba to sign new contract and win mb 3 days in a row. then he will probably be king of the index again.

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