Chris Richards

  • 19 years old, a lot of people saying he making all the right noises. At 49p can surely only go through roof if reaches 1st team

  • looks good to me im in

  • Big if at this stage, I bought him what seems like an eternity ago for £0.29 and sold him in April/May this year for £0.43, he's got potential but an increase of £0.06 in the months since when most other people who have been making the right noises have gone up a lot more.

    I'm still watching him but he doesn't seem to be making the same impact as Alphonso Davies who joined Bayern at the same time in July 2018 (yes I know they are 2 very different players but one is in the first team the other is 2nd team and the one in the 2nd team is some 6 months older).

    Still a low risk option but I personally don't see him making huge waves in MB or PB for a little while yet.

  • @Brane_Ormso
    Agree with what ya saying but that kid would of been offered the chance with ribery moving on, look at were his price is now. As a long term hold and given the opportunity Richards could be in that bracket ?

  • For a three-year hold, he's a no brainer. Once he's had a couple of first team games, which is entirely possible this year, he will be up to 80p or so.

    Once value has gone from the likes of Davies, then money will come into Richards probably.

  • Been listed in the top 10 prospects off fifa

  • He looks older than 19 tbh
    Id also be wary of flippers


  • It looks like Arsenal and Chelsea want to sign him this summer

  • Bought him from this tip 6 months ago, great hold

  • Looks like a great prospect @ 72p. Could be linked to many prem league clubs in this summer.

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