Joao "the kid" Felix ....

  • Can't help but notice the dip on Joao Felix. Why is he dropping so much and especially with yesterday's bonus incentive quite puzzled why the most expensive teenager in world football has not moved up much. Also playing today but not much movement still....

    What is everyone's thoughts on him going forward. Worth holding him?

  • @FukUpayMe No MB, rubbish PB equals massively overpriced for me.

  • @FukUpayMe Mainly because he won’t return any dividends, all the players at similar type price have a much better chance of returns

  • @FukUpayMe Bigger fish to fry tonight personally!!!

  • @FukUpayMe he’s recently moved to Athletico and will be there for years to come with little to no transfer speculation and on top of that Athletico get very little media attention and dont generate high PB scores with their style of play and he himself doesnt appeaer well suited to the PB matrix. Basically he is looking very overpriced now.

  • As others have already explained above, Felix isn’t going to be dividends earner anytime soon. I wanted to hold, but when I had almost trebled my initial investment, I cashed in on him.

  • @gball1975 yup yup! Pogster! 🚂🚀

  • Sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell

  • Just moved to Athletico for £107m.

    Signed a 7 year contract (no pressure to sell then) with a release clause of £300m (if anyone wants to pay it?)

    PL clubs? 🤔 Anyone? 🤔 No? 🤔

    Not going anywhere fast then - doesn't suit the PB matrix & playing his trade in Spain won't be troubling the English media to any great deal.

    Not too many dividends then, no chance of a move, currently £4.

    You can see why people are no longer cueing up for this one.

    He's essentially a holding area for a large amount of cash that will return little or nothing.

    He had brilliant capital appreciation last season, but many have now missed the boat.

    He's had his move to a PB league & has been nailed down long term.

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