8 Tasty looking IPD fixtures in next 30 days for Henrikh Mkhitaryan at Roma @75p

  • Tasty looking next 30 days fixtures for Mkhitaryan Roma @75p (on loan from Arsenal):

    25/9 Home Atlanta
    29/9 Away Lecce
    3/10 Away Wolfsberg
    6/10 Home Caligari
    12/10 Away Lichtenstein
    15/10 Away Finland
    20/10 Away Sampdoria
    24/10 Home Monchengladbach

  • Yep, unfortunately that 7p spread is a big turn off.

    I'd be looking for a spread of 2p or 3p (max) on a 75p player, otherwise it's a case of relying heavily on selling to the market (which may or may not be feasible) after the 30 days are finished.

  • @NewUser159387 even better for dzeko as he is scoring every match atm!

  • I topped up, he won’t be hard to sell to market and people should get used to spreads being bigger to be honest.
    They don't put be me off in the slightest, the only reason why I would be put off by a spread is a non pb league player.
    Very good for Armenia also.

  • @ocs123

    Noted but I almost always market sell anyway, so not really looking to IS except in extremis, I bought him at 45p & sold at 60p earlier in the season but am now looking to use bonus qualifying money so this looks a fairly safe IPD punt with a built in 10% deposit bonus safety net.

  • @NewUser159387

    Looks good..

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