F or people that get paid monthly is it Friday morning or evening?

  • I also get every 4 weeks so it varies. The 'typical view' is that people get paid on the last Friday of every month...and that would be just after midnight as the calendar changes to the Friday.

    In reality, I'm not sure what % of people actually get paid like this. Some are weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, or a fixed date every month.

    For something like FI it's probably good that we all get paid different times, means that fresh money comes in all month not just at month end

  • I get paid the 26th of the month too, aka tomorrow. Personally won't deposit too much as did some today

  • Friday 00.01!

  • I get paid whenever the football teams perform or the horses shorten up in price............ rarely!

  • Radom thread is quite amusing! 2 working days before the end of the month for me... whenever that is! So using this ‘data’ , when’s the best time to put your shares in the sell queue ,to get the best sale price! Not asking, just pondering!

  • 15th for me

  • I get paid on the 24th, but most people are around 28th or last Friday of the month.

  • Monday for me

  • Mine is always the 28th or the the Friday before that if 28th falls onto Sat/Sun

  • Yep last Friday of the month for me.

    We all expecting big influx of money coming in tomorrow with a lot of people getting paid and wanting to make the most of the bonus?

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