Similar player/dissimilar price

  • Give me a 2 Players you think are similar in terms of ability/age but you can’t quite understand the difference in price?

    Could be a good indication for some value

    My example:

    Demarai Gray £0.79
    Harvey Barnes £1.51

    U21 Tournament in the summer showed Gray has more talent

  • @NewUser160419 I prefer Barnes, I think Gray is fairly headless but just my opinion.
    I’ll try come with two players to answer your question, bare with me.

  • One has had considerably longer to break into Leicester's first team, seems to not be any closer to the first team than he was 3 years ago, he's played over 100 games and still can't nail down a starting spot. Gray is a far more exposed quantity

  • I give you Mohammed Ihatteran and Yari Verschaeran, both play in non pb leagues and both highly rated and about a pound in the difference

  • Valid point. I agree he’s still not lived up to his potential but the discrepancy in price is strange. Can see Rodgers alternating between the two this season

  • Dont forget there are often reasons. I always think joe gomez looks cheap but hes got TAA, VVD and to a lesser extent robbo as direct competition every match for PB. There will be better examples than this like I suppose all the bayern midfielders, they could be compared to virtually and PB midfield king around but they all hold each other back. This is why I've just bought into Kieran Tierney because arsenals defence on the whole are fuckin shite so if he really is better than robbo, as it is claimed, hes gonna be arsenals top PB defender every single week

  • @NewUser160419

    Marco reus - which other number 10 captain! playing for big club, europe and national team .. .. is valued at his price around £1.07 ???

  • Kane £4.91
    Bentaleb £0.34

    Both shit and only score pens. Similar age

  • @Vespasian32 said in Similar player/dissimilar price:

    Kane £4.91
    Bentaleb £0.34

    Both shit and only score pens. Similar age


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