• Is he starting to diminish physically or do we believe that he has just become unfortunate with his last two injuries. I was thinking of buying just don't know if he is a risk with his current injury form.

  • I think last night one was more a case of them being ultra conservative
    After he had the knock he went back in and played a further 15mins and was able to sprint

    It’s also worth noting that it was caused by a challenge rather than him pulling up with something so that would suggest luck wasn’t on his side
    The other injury (calf) he had been suffering with is unrelated.
    I imagine he will be on the bench on Saturday and back fully before the next match after.

  • Only played 45mins last night and returned 3p in Divs. Was taken off as a precaution I believe. He'll return plenty % until the end of the season.

  • @Advinculas-Index so you think now is a good time to get on. I already own Ronaldo, neymar and pogba but i jjust wanted to get the 4 best players for dividends and with 10 percent bonus its a very cheap way to get messi.

  • Im not sure if he will fall victim to not having any euros to play. This is why im more confident of ronaldo than anyone else in the portfolio

  • According to transfermarkt in the last 2 seasons he has had just 33 days out injured so i dont think its an issue

  • Messi is a safe hold this year again, Barca know how important he is. wrapping him in cotton wool, 1st sign of a knock last night and he went off. Long season, he still won MB, he will retunr plenty of divs this year.

  • @Jdog … I sense Messi is fed up at Barca, Its just a theory and I may be wrong, but I don't think he cares much for Griezmann, I believe he wanted Neymar and not too dissimilar to Pogba and Neymar, he just seems to not want to play, little injuries keeping him out until the next transfer window. Fair play to Neymar though I have to say hes a trooper to get stuck in and keep scoring whilst being booed by his own fans and had crap thrown at him, hes gone up a little in my estimation recently.. the next 2 transfer windows for all 3 I think will be interesting...

  • @Jdog

    There will be those who are of the mindset that he will bring home dividends but his price won’t rise much.
    I was of the same mindset up until recently but I got back on him yesterday with 600 and will be holding until at least March April next year.

    I assume there will be some form of dividend increase in the next 6 months and Messi is 2nd only to Neymar when it comes to producing PB scores.
    In terms of his age
    If you watch the way he plays his game doesn’t require much running he remains static far large periods of the game whilst all those around him are doing the running so whilst he is 32 he is quite capable of performing at the top level for a number of years yet due to the multiple facets he has to his game.
    I see a lot of value in @Vespasian32 mantra of
    Long terms holds which will provide heavy % returns and I see him as good for at least a 6 month hold and arguably a 3 year hold even at his current age.

  • Nothing to worry about, played 45 mins, got an assist, won media rankings, went off as a precaution.

    They were 2-0 up and he has been out for a while so no need to risk him. He typically always has a slow start to the season playing less mins than others, come November when UCL is in full flow he will be winning star man every other week.

  • @Advinculas-Index ive had an eye on buying back into messi for a while now... for some reason, even though i waited a few hours to 'think about it', i put my 10k in and completely forgot to buy messi. I genuinely would have done. as the OP says... if you have messi, Neymar, Pogba, Ronaldo... you are going to win a hell of a lot of divs. The longer you hold the less any kind of volatility matters.. and you've started with a nice 50p discount if hes 4.70 in 3 months (he wont be) and people start stating what a poor buy he is … remember he cost you 4.50.

    In reality, he will explode again if there is a div increase announcement.... then you have a decision to mke whether that cap ap outweighs the potential dividends you expected to win during your hold. I sold him at the share split for that reason... then bought and sold on the last deposit bonus.. and now i regret not buying back in.

  • 0_1569424911507_IMG_6192.PNG

    25% dividend yield last year. I think a must hold if you are chasing dividends. A more risky hold but I top up in the dips so well in the green for me. I also hold large % of my portfolio in Ronaldo ( bought at low point of rape case) same with Neymar so both nicely in the green. Sadly I have 18% of my port in Pogba. Made me plenty of divs but also plenty worry! I haven't a massive amount of time or knowledge (yet) to research the up and coming CA buys so this way I'm make decent money with lower risk.

  • I sold up my messi's recently because I think he will be significantly cheaper in the summer and I will then buy an absolute shed load because he is the greatest

  • I only realised the other day that you can't spell Messiah without Messi, think messiah outweighs goat so that's resolved the Messi v ronaldo debate lol

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