Players looking fwd to today

  • Looking fwd to Bale and james rodriguez for real madrid.
    Costa and morata for athletico
    Adnan januzaj alongside teammmate odegard!
    Barella and sensi for inter! Also lazaro! Hopefully he starts as been injured since summer move.
    And finally Guilherme for fiorentina and castagne for atalanta... . Have decent shares in all players mentioned!

  • @Zola25 .. Im going to beat my usual drum and hope for a Jesse Lingard revival against the mighty Rochdale haha...

  • Wouldn't mind a big performance from Milik tonight. Also if Oshimen continues his great season with a goal that would be nice.

  • Barella (and a Lukaku hattrick please...need to get him up a bit so I can sell him on).
    Another couple of goals for Malen & Dembele please aswell. oh and Edouard as well!!!
    Brewster to hopefully start and get his goal.

    … and the return of the CHOOOCHOOO train would be good also!!!

  • @Zola25 cant see Guilherme starting... still showing as questionable on flashscore, if he is around he'd be on the bench not thrown straight in. i have 1500 so hoping he does start soon!


    all with a chance of getting minutes tonight.. but expect a few to be on the bench

  • Hope for a Kubo start, seems to do something everytime he plays, Man of the match after coming on as a sub for 27 mins the other week.

  • @Vespasian32

    Good collection.. i have 800 guilherme! I thought that was quite some.. i guess not!!! Anyway its a matter of tine with him.. once he starts and performs he will stay in. . Ribery is old.. although still shows class at his age!

  • Toni Kroos to win top midfielder tonight is my prediction

  • @Sill7

    I think rodriguez.. . I know kroos normally scores higher but lets see!

  • Brewster (non PB)
    Daka (non PB)
    Depres (might be injured still)

  • I'm hoping Eden Hazard gets to see a lot more of the ball tonight

  • @Squire1905 Depres most likely after the international break but great value and hope he makes the bench!

  • @DW Thanks for that mate. Hopefully gets a few minutes but if he doesn't at 25p I think I can afford to wait haha

  • Tousart and Mendes for Lyon, both unaffected by yesterday's fun.....and aouor isn't starting either!

  • Hoping for a good performance from pedro ghiglione for Genoa...

  • That man Pogba starting!!

  • Bale rested. J-Rod and Hazard only on the bench!


    Zidane trying to get himself sacked, so he can pocket a payout?

  • @Vespasian32
    I can’t wait to see Guilherme play neither, not in the starting line up, surely he’ll be ready for the weekend 👌🏼

  • Brewster has loads of margin for growth if he can perform well tonight

  • Pogba starts... Tuanzebe captain.. is Ole on drugs?! or have I missed something..

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