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  • Only been trading for a couple of months and have just started using index gain free reports......Is it worth the membership fee to get the extra reports?

  • I'm gonna look really thick here I know I am but I've tried a few times to familiarize myself with indexgain and I just get absolutely nowhere with it and get frustrated and leave.

    Were talking basic stuff here. I wanted to look at the best PB forwards so i went here


    Following what appear to be simple enough instructions I typed in this


    And I got this


    I just cant get away with it at all and it frustrates me. Everyone seems to love it but I just cant interact with it whatsoever and find that it's terrible in terms of user friendliness.

    It's my fault I'm sure but I've tried a few times and it might as well be written in Chinese
    If anyone could explain where I'm going wrong in terms a 5 year old would understand I'd be very grateful

    That's in advance

  • If you type ‘/igrank fwd ‘you should get what your looking for, I think :-)

  • Is it £7 a month? So £84 a year? If that saves or makes me that amount back, I guess it's worth it.

    But I echo the point about it being co fusing as fuck. The layout isnt the best for your enthusiastic amateur to use. So what is?

  • @Leighton
    It’s not the easiest to start with but you get used to it after a while. Saying that I just use the basic commands but I do find it useful.

  • @Woody 👍I put them square brackets in and it must have confused things

  • @MickTurbo the ig commands are for the buzzbot on the slack app. You are on the index gain website

  • @MickTurbo so xan you use the commands on the website too? Ive never tried i mostly use the slack app and then the website when i want to dig deeper

  • @Black-wolf I've just started to have a little bit of joy in that I managed to bring a list of PB forwards up in the browser but no joy with the myport thing, I'll download the app and see if that's any better

  • @MickTurbo to create the myport function use /igplayerinfo followed by a players name and at the bottom theres an option to add to port. But you really need to do it through the slack app if you want to recieve notifications on price movements as they happen

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