Xavier amaechi

  • Made his debut for Hamburg at the weekend, very cheap at 80p considering he's been at £1.26 already before Europa League final, only 18 and looks very good from footage on arsenal tv

  • Not in a pb leauge though so quite expensive for now , has great potential but I’d say he’s fairly priced as I don’t see him moving for a year or more his best bet would be in Hamburg got promotion

  • Yea not going to get much exposure in the German second division - even if he plays well people will dismiss it as just being the Bundesliga 2.

    Could be a good long term option if you are patient enough - if Hamburg start looking good for promotion and he is playing a big part of it then you could be onto a winner.

  • @Chris-J think he's settling in at the moment but Hamburg should be in the running for promotion at least so 🤞

  • @MUFC I got burnt by him in the summer as he was linked with a few Bundesliga clubs before having a price crash when it was announced he was signing for Hamburg.

    Looked a very exciting player to watch when I was researching him and should tear the Bundesliga 2 up to be honest - starting to convince myself to buy back in here 🤔

  • @Chris-J Def will fly, people were obviously keen before the hamburg switch, if anything it says to me he's keen for football and a new culture which is the way the new generation of English players are going. Hamburg should on paper get promotion this year. I don't think the not in a pb league matters as if he does tear it up he will come back to England within 2 years, my port has 8 English players under 21 with a 1000 shares in each minimum, only will take 3 or 4 to do well to make a big profit as I'm on them all at rock bottom prices

  • I got on him when he moved to Hamburg as I figured he was probably worth the risk. Moving to Germany seems to have done other English youngsters good for their development so picked this lad up with the long game in mind

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