• Finally both Vinicius and Rodrygo on the pitch together for Real tonight. Neymar prototype’s 1 & 2. And they didn’t disappoint. Both netted fantastic goals, with Vinicius bursting into tears...I guess the moment got to him 😂 Jovic less fortunate with a goal disallowed for minmal off side.
    Rodrygo also scored a great goal on debut. With Real in the doldrums and lacking spark, there is a lot of hope riding on these two. Both stellar Brazilian talents, the hope is they will be ransacking defences for Real and Brazil for years to come. We hope 😉

  • dont wanna be a party pooper but wasnt they subbed for each other so not technically on the pitch together ?

  • @nicky540 😄 your quite right! But perhaps the moment they swapped, did a little fist pump, for a split second they were on the pitch together?. 😉 Either way I think I should change the post to “nice to see them both finally play in the same game”

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