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  • A good section of my portfolio in my eyes is "stale" Ive been on the Index for a year I hold Pogba, Messi, Neymar are my biggest holds(40) . I have holds that have been recommended on here or I have had a stab in the dark at. If anyone can give any opinion on the following players I hold it would be greatly recieved Hold or Sell in trying to trim down a portfolio

    Ben Yedder

    All these players I am in the red with, Any advice is greatly appreciated. Any thoughts on these players forum heavyweights @Lukeroro @Vespasian32 @MickTurbo @Ericali . As I say any advice from anyone appreciated,

  • A Bonus period is a good time to freshen up the portfolio. I have successfully sold some deadwood to market the last couple of days.

    Tillman - don't know much about. Looks like dead money. Sell.
    Pedro - Chelsea player? Good fixtures coming up. Keep and try and sell on a spike if you're active enough.
    Jovic - had a poor start at Real Madrid. I would keep for now. Again, they have another good run of fixtures after this weekend so if he scores he should spike then it's your call whether to sell.
    Denayer - keep. Lyon should improve their defence and they tend to play a lot of single PB games so for the price is a good hold.
    Draxler - sell. Might struggle to market sell though.
    Veretout - Roma playing badly. However got a decent run of fixtures again so consider keeping for now.
    Jota - Wolves I assume. I sold this week. Wolves woefully out of form.
    Rabiot - a lot of competition in the Juventus midfield. Tough call. I would consider keeping for a little longer unless you have identified a player to buy with the funds who you think will rise quicker?
    Ben Yedder - scores goals but offers little else in terms of dividends. Try and sell on a spike if he scores soon.
    Benega - getting old now. I can only see him declining. Once again decent run of fixtures coming up for Seville. Hold for next 30 days and see if he rises and you can earn some PB.
    Isco - keep as should get a rise as he comes back from injury.

    Hope that helps.

  • @PogbaforMB mostly agree with @Zidave

    Pedro I'd be patient with. That chelsea squad is gonna get stretched and I find if you can get hold of a cheap 'fwd' who's the type that's actually a winger hes always gonna be competitive for PB if he gets 90 minutes in a winning team. G&A would give a great chance unless messi is being messi on the same day.

    Banega is an interesting one, over the summer there was a lot of talk about banega style 1 year graphs. Basically july to sept they spike, sept onwards they drop. This is because these players are worth squat in the summer so big fish will dump and buy back for the season when they are valuable for PB. Banega price will have been hurt by Joan jordan but he is perhaps 1 big pb score away from a decent spike so again I'd be patient.

    Denayer is a good hold, not a lot to be said here

    Jovic will either sink or swim, if he swins your laughing, if he sinks he'll be offloaded sharpish and your laughing

    Ben Yedder for me is in no mans land, might win PB but you could be waiting a long time, bit dear for an IPD flip, I'd be tempted to take the hit and put the cash into some proper IPD strikers, and they are still out there in the 40-50p range. Fixture research thread might be valuable here

    Rabiot has had a bad move from an FI perspective as hes in direct competition with pjanic for PB and hes gonna lose most of the time but if juve go deep in europe u just might claw your cash back but hes not a player I'd be looking at buying so maybe my advice should be to take the hit again

    I'd be amazed if wolves dont improve, but theres always truth in the line about teams who are new to europe struggling domestically but I think jota is class and if wolves come good, his price will follow, if they font he'll be on a lot of clubs radars

    Draxler will surely move from psg which can only be positive

    Isco is injured so the only way is up in all probability

    Tillman I know very little about, same again veretout really

    So a case can be made for the majority of the. But you also need to think about opportunity cost, so ask yourself if you cash out on some or all of them, where will u put the money. But there is upside to quite a few of them

  • @PogbaforMB

    Decent list there!

    I steer clear of holding midfielders in that Rabiot mould. He could nick a PB if his passing stats are off the charts one day but no guarantee. Unlike Draxler, Banega and maybe Isco who can give you divs. Jovic and Isco depend on Real's form and potential new manager. I'd hold for now.
    Pedro could nick something and I'd keep an eye on Chelsea's European progress because he is a big game player/scorer. I think money would be better elsewhere but there are worse holds and 66p is not expensive. Jota is also a nice hold (seems a potential £2 player in a constantly improving Wolves team) but keep an eye on Wolves' Euro progress. I wouldn't bank on a big move though.

    Ben Yedder should score a fair few but agreed above, not sure he offers enough on the pitch for divs. He could be in the argument for France at the Euros and Monaco surely have to improve.

    I was on Tillman (you're on Timothy?) but he seems below Davies in the pecking order at Bayern and Davies isn't playing much himself. I'd hold though.

    Don't know enough about Veretout or Denayer to comment.

    Whoever you are gonna sell, cut your losses asap and do it during this bonus boom.

  • Thanks for the great comments I really appreciate it. The fact you guys bother to reply with your knowledge is part to me what makes football index for me. I hold 1507 futures in 40 players and feel I need to trim down some of the deadwood! Tillman, Veretout, Rabiot and Benega are the first to go. Im hoping for Ben Yeddar to get a PB game and he can go next.

    Thanks again

  • Hope you didn't listen to these plebs 🃏
    Tilman is the best on the list!! He's young Bayern playmaker who's unfortunately had some serious injuries. Represented Germany at u16/17/18/19 and when he's fit I'm sure u21 and the main team to follow.

    Very flat for a sustained period, I sold a few months ago with a view to jump back on and you've just reminded me to do so ☺

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