Champions league fixtures

  • @ScouseSte thanks mate, will try to keep this thread up to date with the fixtures upcoming for the next UCL match does. 👍

  • Just bumping this thread, as the CL is at our door

  • We are heading towards UCL match day 3 UCL with the fixtures and the formtable. Lot of the players played on international stage and did not have the chance to rest over week 42. Additionally a lot of the teams had a rocky start in UCL and league, looking at you Spurs and Lyon. 👀 Spurs injury concerns, are not helping ahead of their week.
    Liverpool and PSG had a great start across all competitions. However, Liverpool fixtures don't really allow a rest.

    1_1571313601776_matchday3.png 0_1571313601773_2019-10-15_13-22-06.png

  • @Antierror Great work mate thanks for sharing!
    Looking at that Bayerns fixtures look pretty good, easy games before and after. Can see anyone who gets a big PB score in the next few weeks really shooting up in price (Coutinho hopefully!).

  • Really nice this, PSG look very appealing.

  • Glad to hear that the information helps. There are some tasty fixtures for some teams, don't hold any Real players but their next 7 fixtures within the 30 day IPD range are pretty nice too.

  • It's UCL time 🕺

    My top matches:

    5:55pm Leverkusen vs Atletico
    8pm City vs Atalanta

    5:55 Ajax v Chelsea, both great game but Chelsea fan.
    8pm Inter v Dortmund / Salzburg v Napoli

  • UCL match day 4 is coming up next week already. All top5 teams except for French or Spurs are currently in their 2nd out of 3 double game week. Toughest 2 weeks for Dortmund with manager in the hot seat.

    Easiest week ahead for Barcelona especially after having a free weekend with their match against Real Madrid being re-fixtured due to the issues in Catalonia.


  • On wednesday theres one Europa league fixture alongside the champions league games and I believe the multiplier is the same.

    The europa league match is arsenal vs guimaraes who are shite and it kicks off at 15:50 meaning it will be over before the CL games start and maybe, just maybe there could be some big PB scores posted by one or 2 arsenal players on what will be a silver day

  • @MickTurbo That is a bit random, do you know why they play on a Wednesday?

    Haven't looked at EL fixtures too much yet. There are just so many in the group stages.

  • @Antierror I've no idea mate, havent looked into it to be honest but can only assume 1 or both have to play saturday and its unavoidable for some reason.

    Either that or maybe guimaraes stadium is being used for a pop concert on the Thursday 😂

  • @Antierror Braga are also at home on Thursday and they play in the same region, so can't both have a home fixture on the same day under UEFA rules. Had to be early on the Wednesday though as broadcasting rules won't let it clash with CL either.

  • UCL match day 4
    The early games are a bit dull, but Zenit will look to challenge Leipzig at home. For the 8pm we are spoiled with a range of good games and goals. BTGoalsShow is the way to go today

    5:55 Zenit v Leipzig
    Napoli v Salzburg
    Dortmund v Inter
    Chelsea v Ajax

    What we have in surplus today we will lack tomorrow. No real exciting games in store.

    Munich will have something to proof after the Kovac sack. Hopefully Atalanta will show up against City tomorrow.

    5:55 Munich v Olympiacos
    8pm Atalanta v Man City

  • Want valencia to get a win to secure 3rd spot in europa league at least.

  • PB predictions for me tonight. I'm sure TAA and Messi will be many people's tips but I will go:
    DEF: Jordi Alba
    MID: Dani Parejo
    FOR: Memphis Depay

  • @Tom77 To be fair, I was thinking about Valencia vs Lille as a good game as well, but with both teams out of form I decided against including them into the list. Besides I was running out of those god damn characters on twitter

  • @Tom77 You would think a draw would be enough for Valencia tonight as far as Europa League is concerned. Hard to see Lille getting anything from their last 2 games against Ajax and Chelsea.
    Europa would be perfect for them too as can see them going far.

  • @Tom77 oh yes and hopefully
    Coquelin @21p will get pb 🤞🤞🤞

  • DEF: TAA
    MID: Jorginho
    FOR: Messi

    Mainly because they are my biggest holds but also feel they have a good chance

  • @NewUser384837 I was going to choose the same 3! But il say Griezmann, just to throw a different option out there, Suarez injured I think, so he should start.

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