A quandary

  • I have no money to deposit atm so am unable to take advantage of the 10% net buys bonus, so should I be looking to sell the players who have surged this week and hold the cash until next Tuesday to be able to at least get some of the 5% bonus?

  • @Ddr personally, I would sell to the artificially enhanced market and buy during the 5% bonus. All the best 😊

  • @Ddr if you've got deadwood then yes but I wouldnt sell anyone with the intention of buying back because by the time youve paid commission your 5% is 3% and if they rise in the meantime you're lucky to break even but yes if your fancying a bit of a clear out it's not a bod shout but where will you be putting the money. I'd rather buy a player today for £1, than buy him next week for £1.05 just to get the 5%.

    The second part of the bonus isnt a huge incentive in my eyes,l. I havent really got the cash at the minute anyway but if I did I'd just throw it all in now during the 10%, and id only take part in the 5% if id maxed out my 10% and still had spare cash

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