Bonus boom - Players to get out of

  • @Black-wolf

    I don't own kimmich myself but if I had a bigger portfolio he would certainly be added (so long as he remains classified as a defender, of course).

    But yea, TAA is in my opinion UNSELLABLE right now.
    So much going for him, and we haven't even covered the fact he is the only scouser in the Liverpool first team, is likely to be the future team captain, and the free kick at the weekend was the third thing reminiscent of Stevie G - he's got MB King written all over him, if liverpool can continue their ascent and start dominating competitions again.

    Despite my overriding concerns on how trading habits will resume once the bonus matures, TAA is my one "sure thing" investment

  • @Gazz127 said in Bonus boom - Players to get out of:

    Only had a few TAA and put them in sale queue 5 mins ago and they have gone.
    Bought in at 2.89 so I'm happy with the profit.
    As been said no profit until you actually sell.

    He could easily go to £4 but has risen big time this past week so was hard to resist selling.

    Quite telling on a day where many portfolios are flat or even in the red, there is still high demand for this player.

  • "Players to get out of". Kills me to admit this, but Rashford was mine. He was easily my largest holding in terms of £, but I took the opportunity to get rid while people were buying.

    250 of him with an average buy price of £3.65. Sold all 250 at £4.12 yesterday. Netting me £100ish profit after commission that I withdrew as I look to increase my de-risking. Hindsight being 20-20 and all that I should've sold up when he hit £5 after the Chelski game and netted myself a further £200 profit, but hey-ho.

    His form has been terrible recently and he had been sliding down heavily before the Birthday Deposit Offer so could really only see my profit disappearing further/completely. He's now priced at £4.09.

    With the above hindsight point in mind, I have just sold my Maddison's too for £4.12 each. Average buy price on him was £1.82 so he's netted me over £330 profit after commission. A quick look at my spreadsheet says I've held all 150 shares in him since April, with just £6 coming back in dividends.

    I'll keep by beady eyes on both with a view to buying back in when they look more attractive price-wise.

  • @LukeMalla can’t criticise anyone for taking profits however I do feel both of your players will be on the end of further rises over the payday weekend.

    You’ve sold for more than you bought which is what it’s all about though.

  • Argh. Just had a big spike in one of my 2 long term non PB league holds which suggests to me its just temporary money for the bonus. I prefer my long term holds to be slow burners

  • @Black-wolf said in Bonus boom - Players to get out of:

    Argh. Just had a big spike in one of my 2 long term non PB league holds which suggests to me its just temporary money for the bonus. I prefer my long term holds to be slow burners

    Not to worry, they’ll be back if they’re good holds.
    I disregard 50% of any ‘profit’ during a bonus.

  • @Chris-J I disagree with Rashford. His trend has been down for 3 or 4 weeks now and without his ability to get on the pitch due to injury he can't exactly remind people how good he can be now can he? I'm a BIG fan of Rashford and will definitely look to get involved again during my time on the Index, but both he and Utd are struggling at present so I took my chance to pull some profit out and free up over £900 to reinvest elsewhere.

    I do agree with you about Maddison, but I'm away on a lads weekend this weekend so won't be checking FI as regularly as I normally do. I took the risk of losing out on an few extra £ to lock in that £330 profit. That was a +126% trade. I'm chuffed to fuck with that tbh, so while I do agree with you in principle, the return was just too good to ignore any longer.

  • Put a big chunk of my Abraham shares in the queue; around 140% up on him and barring maybe a small pike when he gets his England call up I can’t see him going substantially higher.

  • I got rid of grealish been from the midlands having loads a villa fan mates in my ear got me thinking he was way better than he is happy to get rid can’t believe market sold tbf

  • I've decided to get rid of my Maddison shares. He was one of the first players I bought when I joined FI but I think he's over valued now (imo)0_1569541800961_James Maddison Profit.png

  • @Allams-Out the queue is about 3 or 4 days. I got out because just like hazard his price and potential doesn't justify his pricr

  • Sold half my Maddisons and have been trying to sell half my Rashfords for three days now, please someone buy him!!

  • No payday boom then?

  • The top end players may dip, but come group stages of the two euro cups, and the euro champs next summer - it's clear where the money should be going long term. Come constant fixtures where do you want you cash, in Messi/KDB/Sterling/Kane/Rashford/Pogba/Sancho etc etc, or in a bunch of £1 players? The ONLY thing that matters is earning potential - these guys have it, simple.

    The second half of last season the top end players were constantly rising for a reason - they repay divs. At somepoint people will realise that the vast majority of players £2 and under will never return a single dividend outwith IPD and the value will quickly shift to the top end. Factor in a dividend increase that will for sure happen at some point (might be months, might be a year away, but I'm sure we all agree it will happen) - then I'm happy to put my eggs in the top end bracket early.

    I purchased 150 Messi just a few days ago on the announcement of the bonus, for £5.19 a future costing me £778.50. Already, he has returned 7p per future in divs in just a handful of days. I'll also take in £77.85 in bonus come mid October. That means that already my buy price is only £4.60. Dividends matter.

  • @Chris-J said in Bonus boom - Players to get out of:

    No payday boom then?

    Just watched some big sales going through there like, greenwood TAA (who I'm already back on @ScouseSte 🤦‍♂️) denayer and tuanzebe as well as some cheap players going thru in the 300's

  • @MickTurbo said in Bonus boom - Players to get out of:

    I've took a bit of a gamble and sold up one of my favourite holds TAA this morning and put the money else where, I just dont see how much higher he can go now. I will certainly get back in, hopefully on a dip

    To the moon Mick. He's only 20.

    I say this as a guy who's never got in on him, because I've always had that missed the boat feeling and he's always continued to rise ha.

  • @Dan-The-Man I remember looking at him around March time (around £1.50 in todays money) thinking he was overpriced as he was the 2nd (or 3rd as VVD may have been ahead) most expensive defender behind Kimmich.

    Over doubled since then...

  • @Dan-The-Man I've just said to scouse in another thread, I'm already back o him and feeling pretty silly. I took really good profits to stock up on pog, the plan being to watch pog rocket and swap those excess pogs back for an increased holding in TAA. This was all yesterday morning

    meanwhile I had other shares in the queue which I was pretty sure were gonna be sat for a while. I had other ideas for this money but when I woke up this morning to see them gone I agonized over where the money should go. The other targets remain targets for now and I've put the money back into TAA.

    Ultimately I've paid a bit of needless commission on TAA and havent got them nice profit margins to show on him anymore, not that that really matters, but silver linings, they are now IPD eligible and hes on free kicks probably!

    Disclaimer: I am not advocating IPD flipping on a £3.80 defender 😂😂

  • @TomIrving said in Bonus boom - Players to get out of:

    I've decided to get rid of my Maddison shares. He was one of the first players I bought when I joined FI but I think he's over valued now (imo)

    Please reread when he gets a regular England starting place & move to Man Utd to rebuild their midfield, long term holders will be proved correct on him.

  • @Dan-The-Man just a thought. U said about missing the boat. I know I've held for a while and made money but whichever way you paint it, I've just paid £3.83 for TAA this morning and I feel nothing but optimism about it.

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