Bonus boom - Players to get out of

  • @Chris-J said in Bonus boom - Players to get out of:

    No payday boom then?

    Just watched some big sales going through there like, greenwood TAA (who I'm already back on @ScouseSte 🤦‍♂️) denayer and tuanzebe as well as some cheap players going thru in the 300's

  • @MickTurbo said in Bonus boom - Players to get out of:

    I've took a bit of a gamble and sold up one of my favourite holds TAA this morning and put the money else where, I just dont see how much higher he can go now. I will certainly get back in, hopefully on a dip

    To the moon Mick. He's only 20.

    I say this as a guy who's never got in on him, because I've always had that missed the boat feeling and he's always continued to rise ha.

  • @Dan-The-Man I remember looking at him around March time (around £1.50 in todays money) thinking he was overpriced as he was the 2nd (or 3rd as VVD may have been ahead) most expensive defender behind Kimmich.

    Over doubled since then...

  • @Dan-The-Man I've just said to scouse in another thread, I'm already back o him and feeling pretty silly. I took really good profits to stock up on pog, the plan being to watch pog rocket and swap those excess pogs back for an increased holding in TAA. This was all yesterday morning

    meanwhile I had other shares in the queue which I was pretty sure were gonna be sat for a while. I had other ideas for this money but when I woke up this morning to see them gone I agonized over where the money should go. The other targets remain targets for now and I've put the money back into TAA.

    Ultimately I've paid a bit of needless commission on TAA and havent got them nice profit margins to show on him anymore, not that that really matters, but silver linings, they are now IPD eligible and hes on free kicks probably!

    Disclaimer: I am not advocating IPD flipping on a £3.80 defender 😂😂

  • @TomIrving said in Bonus boom - Players to get out of:

    I've decided to get rid of my Maddison shares. He was one of the first players I bought when I joined FI but I think he's over valued now (imo)

    Please reread when he gets a regular England starting place & move to Man Utd to rebuild their midfield, long term holders will be proved correct on him.

  • @Dan-The-Man just a thought. U said about missing the boat. I know I've held for a while and made money but whichever way you paint it, I've just paid £3.83 for TAA this morning and I feel nothing but optimism about it.

  • I've binned off Maddison too. I don't see where his next significant rise comes from. At over £4 I think any potential transfer or England debut is already built into his price now. He might rise another 20p but is he ever really going to be a £5 player? He's good but not that good

  • @BradD It all banks on a United move I think.

    He has potential to become the king - Young, English, Attacker, Good PB scores, Set Piece Taker, Poster Boy Looks, capable of match winning moments, seems to have a bit of character about him too - Add being a Man United player into all of that and you have the perfect FI player.

    The media are starting to take an interest in him too - the Gucci backpack articles for example- these are the types of articles they would write about Sterling etc previously but they have been called out for having a racist agenda - the media have free reign over taking an interest in Maddison.

    Of course there is a large risk that he doesn't move to United in the summer but Sancho is almost £7 and a big chunk of that value is based on a move to United - i'd say Maddison is more likely to become a United player than Sancho.

  • @Chris-J I think Leicester will price him out of the move, if they wanted £80 million for Maguire, I think you can add 40-50 million on top of that for Maddison, he's younger and plays in a generally more expensive position. United showed they won't overpay on what they deem a players value, look at Longstaff. For £130 million you could buy pretty much any player in the world so they may look else where, although Ole does seem to have a craving for British players

  • @NewUser159387 I agree with you, but if that's the case I'd rather stick £20 on Sky Bet for him to transfer to Manchester United. If he goes to any team other than United then he won't see a big rise and a Tottenham move could be on the cards etc .

  • @ScouseSte @Black-wolf crazy goings on, two of the safest holds on the index with guaranteed PB money over the 3 year hold being sold, even if Kimmich was moved to midfield it shouldn’t make a difference, 2nd best PB average behind Neymar and 3rd best PB dividends on the whole matrix behind Messi & Neymar 😳

  • @Uncle-G

    I put Kimmich into the sell queue three times last night and then changed my mind. I put him in today and after 3 hours the price dropped and he was kicked out of the queue.

    I bought him for guaranteed PB (like everyone else) and he has risen 76p for me, which is approximately 2 years dividends yield, plus I won 7p PB last week. I was planning to market sell at a joint all time high and buy into VVD who is in a 5 month low. Kimmich returned 35p PB last season, VVD returned 20p PB and 16p MB last season. I see more of a rise in VVD, plus 2 dividend sources plus less uncertainity about his future price. All academic now as he is no longer in the queue and price dropping so I will wait awhile, but nothing wrong with releasing profit as long as the trader has a suitable plan.

  • @Martyn-B very interesting, I like your thought process, I’m in exactly the same position as you with Kimmich, the only thing stopping me is the Euros so don’t think he’ll drop leading up to it & will bring in the money until then 🤔

  • @Uncle-G said in Bonus boom - Players to get out of:

    @Martyn-B very interesting, I like your thought process, I’m in exactly the same position as you with Kimmich, the only thing stopping me is the Euros so don’t think he’ll drop leading up to it & will bring in the money until then 🤔

    Depends a lot on size of holds and price payed. I want larger holds in fewer players. I have 200 Kimmich and he rose in price before I could top up. Now I don't want to buy at that price and I don't want a hold of 200 so selling is the only option. I have 249 VVD and the Kimmich funds should take me to very close to 500.

    Also got a similar problem with 200x Parejo. I bought these PB players for guaranteed dividends, when they increase more than their expected dividend yield then I have a nice problem to sort out!!

  • @Martyn-B been doing a lot of re-arranging to get my port smaller with bigger holds, who’s your main targets & do u think Rashford is looking tempting, already hold 300 which are still nicely in profit but contemplating topping up 🧐

  • @Uncle-G

    I am mostly happy with my portfolio and mostly just topping up, especially those that are in a bit of a dip. Main target is to get VVD from 350 to 500, then top up on Alcantara from 300 to 500 if his price doesn't rocket first. Might use dividends to buy into Bonucci and keep topping up for IPD until the Euros.

    Not sure about about Rashford, never bought him. Still young with lots of potential but for England think he is behind Kane, Sterling and Sancho and for Man Utd he is behind whatever star striker they finally invest in.

  • @Martyn-B Alcantara a good shout, think TAA outscores Van Dijk majority of the time but Van Dijk can win MB.
    Rashford’s difficult as he wins PB & MB might monitor for the next few weeks & decide whether to top up or keep what I’ve got

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