Sell Lukaku ... buy who ???

  • Simple question - thoughts please?

  • Alexander Isak

  • Hard to pick right now as a lot of the obvious bets have been pumped heavily during the bonus and are vulnerable to a potential sell-off - my safe bets below who haven't really got going yet this season.

    VJ suddenly looks under priced now that he is getting starts and performing under Zidane - had quite a big drop off last season following his injury and price hasn't recovered due to the expectation that he wouldn't play much under Zidane (Don't hold)

    Luke Shaw is due back from injury soon and guaranteed to start at left back for United when fit - seems a bargain at £0.88 but obvious injury concerns (Do hold)

    Lindelöf looks even better value at £0.71 - cheaper than Shaw and doesn't have the same injury problems - currently down from £1 a few months back.(Don't hold)

    Mesut Ozil - £0.93 - At an all time low right now - In and out of the team but i'm confident he will soon be back in the starting 11 -If he isn't then there will be plenty of transfer speculation for January as MB is opened up to all (Do hold)

  • I posted earlier but Sean Longstaff looks safe money, bottomed out and returning from injury this weekend with United transfer saga to come during the winter. Worth a look. Aside from that Odegaard for PB tonight, short term trade or Djibril Sow, single game 2moro night.

  • @Chris-J I think I'm the only person on the index who actually holds Lindelöf hahah, not Luke Shaw though- not a fan

  • Someone who is going to play in euro qualifiers with championsleague/europa games.
    I’m starting now for next 30 days.
    Dont buy on the highs in 10 days with fomo get in now.

  • is it a simple question though??????

    When did you buy Lukaku??? How much have you made on him??? What is your strategy????

  • @Tom77 @Chris-J -
    Thinking maybe topping up across some of my current holds (Brekalo / Moussa Dembele / Barella) as oppose to buy new blood.

  • @dannypea - Simple question but answer not straight forward. I'm eating my own words here but personally thought he would be jumping higher than he has done of the last month or so.

  • Ronaldo.

  • @gball1975 when buying a player people look at three things... Capital Appreciation... Performance Dividends (inc G&A) and Media Buzz... All three can be related... if player A plays well his media attention rises and so should capital appreciation...

    Problem is with Lukaku... capital appreciation is usually based around transfer speculation or by playing well for a big English club (because that's what our investors are interested in)... so whilst at Inter he's not going anywhere.. if he scores 20 goals is it to be expected? G&A is the main reason I would invest in him, spotting a month of easy games that he can score in but so far he's scored 3 goals in 5 games for Inter... not exactly anything above par?

    He doesn't (on past performance) score particularly high in PB.. so that initially puts off investors.. He relies on goals to appreciate in value but we also expect him to score so anything under one in two will frustrate investors...

    The reason i asked the questions on strategy is because this is 'most important' to why you would want to sell/swap/keep...

    If you want slow growth over a period of time be patient... If you want quick growth then you are looking at a completely different player.. ie you need 'the next best' type of footballer or a cheap PB hopeful that may be a transfer target going forward?

    At £2 a share you could easily go like for like on somebody like Jack Grealish and 'hope' his form picks up enough to get transfer buzz for a double your money investment or you could play more safe with Toni Kroos knowing you'll pick up PB dividends throughout the year??? Alternatively you could look at doubling your investment (lowering your risk) on one or two players at £1... Someone like Lanzini or Moreno offer decent PB opps whilst someone like Embolo or Amiri could double in transfer value with links to the Premier League in Jan... but it all depends on strategy... there is no simple answer otherwise!!

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