David brooks

  • Coming back from injury in the next few weeks and is absolutely quality. Thinking of going big on him as he is a quality player and will more than likely get a transfer to a big team this summer. Opinions?

  • @Jdog I’m not certain of him and he has the non English thing holding him back compared to others. Why not get on Dwight McNeil instead?
    Two years younger, cheaper, English and considering he plays for a team that has 25-40% possession reasonable pb scores.

  • Dont listen to this drivel, dwight McNeill is terrible! Another blatant pump.

  • @Mog9 My pumping tactics are awful aren’t they, couldn’t even be bothered to start a thread on him.

  • I would hardly describe Dwight as terrible. I’ve seen him play live in nearly every game since his breakthrough last season and the lad is clearly talented. Not a world beater but very decent. UTC

  • @Carport dwight isn't crap but brooks is definitely better. As soon as brooks is back and hits a purple patch he'll be up to £3 I'm sure because the likes of man utd will want to throw money at the next in form player in that age bracket.

  • @Mog9 @Mog9 take it you don’t hold him then, if u haven’t got nothing to say then say nothing at all, I certainly hold & hardly terrible is he, 19, playing in the premier league every week & due a move to a decent club because he’s too good for the one he plays in 🤫

  • @Uncle-G Yep. He’s doing more than virtually any other teenager in the prem and it’s borderline impossible to look like a class act in that side.

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