Joan Jordan

  • Did his head fall off or something to merit a big drop or did he just have one game where he didn’t post a big PB score ? Sevilla have 2 easy looking home games in Europa coming up , 5 out of next 6 games at home actually , he got an assist and its bonus time.

  • 5th successive game he's been subbed after 65-70min.
    When you compare his price to that of some of the others in that Sevilla side, I can understand it to an extent.

  • @dean73 its clear they are protecting him as he is a crucial player and they will play him for 90 mins if the game is close or they are against stronger opposition

  • Its worth noting that they took him off and things seemed to fall apart. It may become a substitution they cant afford to make as the season goes on

  • @Jdog Like they did at the weekend when they subbed him off v Real Madrid when 1-0 down you mean? How close or how big a game do you want?
    Almost every game they have played this season has been close.

    If he can't last 90min, why would people invest in him when players who do play the full 90 more often than not e.g. Ocampos are also scoring and assisting at half the price of Joan Jordan?

    I'm not saying he's a bad player, far from it. I just think that investors are frustrated that he has now gone 6 games in a row without seeing out the full 90 and have decided their money is better off in another player.

  • @dean73
    He’s still averaging around 60 passes a game with limited minutes (ocampos is around 25) , he has a good PB base and gets goals and assists , so that’s why people are investing. I understand your point but it also goes the other way. I.e. his PB should be even better when he stays on the pitch longer.

  • @Indexical If is more likely than when right now.
    Besides, I just answered the original question with what I thought were the reasons.

  • Tha manager of sevilla is clearly a total nob doesn't even have dabbur on the bench 🤣

  • He will bounce and rise, Good PB players as his scores show. Once he starts playing the full 90 they will only go up.

    tbf coming off after 75mins isnt unusual in this day and age. More tactical than fitness I think. Winning.....bring on a fresh CDM, losing and take him off for another forward. Likely he has played the same as Felipe Anderson, Pepe etc.

  • He is basically getting the same problem Pjanic had last year - consistently being subbed at 65-70 mins. It doesn't matter how promising your PB scores are if you are consistently subbed traders won't hold forever as promising scores wont turn into enough wins. The drop made perfect sense to me.

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