Mohammed Lamine Diaby

  • Beed some advice on this one. Hes taking a heavy beating in price and i had high hopes for this one being such a highly regarded youngster at Nice and currently out injured. I had hoped he’d be back throughout this season. However he is now in risk of being thrown out of the club as he is suspected of stealing a team mates £62,000 watch.

    Im now down 10p per share on him and wondering if he is found guilty will he get an opportunity at another club or is this disastrous for his career as he may not be trusted in the dressing rooms of any club that he may join if any club are willing to take him? And if he does find a new club is it likely to be outside of the PB leagues at a lower level?

  • Christ I'd get out if one of my players were subject to this accusation and if proven could be disastrous for his Value.
    All depends how big a hold you have but I'd be worried.

  • He was hyped at youth level but he had a fair few chances in the first team and didn’t doanything of note. Lots of competition for places now with the late flurry of signings in the summer.

    I wouldn’t expect a queue of top flight clubs waiting to sign him.

  • I’d get out before that 2p spread becomes 10p

  • Ok im out. Hadnt thought about the spread widening. Cheers

  • That's a proper alarm bell that like no matter how good he might be. Ok hes not gonna be on 100k a week orvowt but he should have absolutely no reason to be robbing, wonder if hes a gambler or summit, might just be a complete wrong'n

  • @Black-wolf sell up and take the hit I just have soon as I seen that story.

  • @NewUser397358 already did👍

  • @MickTurbo might of needed some money to make the most of the deposit bonus

  • Haha @Carboney hope he bought some odegaards

  • @MickTurbo nah bought his team mate that’s why he 🚀🚀🚀tonight

  • Odsonne Edouard one of the FI favourites couple years ago shot a women from a window of his car and nobody seems to talk about now and it has no affect on his price .. what am i saying by that if the guy is real deal then its just a short term set back !! Yeah its sucks for him but there is always gonna be a team who will give him another chance or maybe even Nice will do it , but i doubt since they are loaded upfront and he is not particulary important right now

  • Wow. GFFN reporting he has admitted it and brought in his lawyers.

    That’s potentially the end of his footballing career. What decent club will risk upsetting their first team players by bringing an unproven 18yo thief into the dressing room?

    Instant sell and don’t look back!

  • @playingcards1 looks like i made this post just in time. I do wish id got out a little sooner as i was in profit until his fall yesterday but it had only just came to my attention

  • @Black-wolf He will get another chance whether it be in 3, 6 12, 24 months time. Think he's a STEAL at 51p

  • @BOOM yep, I'm holding on.. Time heals everything in football as long as the quality is there all is forgiven.

  • @Wiillaah i was more worried he has ends up in a lower league team or a lesser league for years to come. So was worried about how long it would be before he gets back into a PB league team

  • @Black-wolf glad you posted this, was nicely up until I just seen your thread & bailed out only lost 2p a share with IS, for me not worth holding onto the dead wood, how does everyone see these stories so quick???

  • @Uncle-G not sure. I got a notification from index gain saying his price had dropped 5p by the time id investgated that and put this thread up he had dropped 10p. Some people are really quick on these things however i did notice the incident happened on the 16th of this month so im surprised the drop didnt happen sooner before the story was released

  • For those who were holding in hope of a reconciliation, a heads up that Nice have now cancelled his contract.

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